28 Jul 2023

Will Anju Return To India? She said This; What Her Father And Indian Husband Said

Anju, who reached Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa from India and reportedly married Nasrullah there, has again spoken to an Indian news channel. After whatever Anju has said in the interview given to the news channel, it seems that she has given up the intention of returning to India. 

On July 21, Anju, a resident of Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, left behind her husband Arvind and two children. Anju had told her husband that she was going to Jaipur to meet her friend. At the same time, in the company where Anju used to work, she told that she is going to Goa to be with her sister.

Anju asked who will take her guarantee when she returns to India. She also appeared worried about her life after returning to India. Anju had recently left her house saying that she was going to Goa to be with her sister. After that she directly reached Pakistan and there are reports of her marriage with Nasrullah.

‘Now my family or children won’t accept me’

Anju has said in the interview given to the channel that various things are being talked about her. She said now neither her family members nor her children will accept her. Anju has clearly said that she is completely safe in Pakistan. 

‘No pressure on me from Nasrullah or anyone else’

Anju said there is no pressure on her from Nasrullah or anyone else and she is living there with complete freedom. Anju met Nasrullah, a resident of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, on Facebook. She has reached Pakistan recently on a valid visa of one month. Anju was supposed to return on August 20 but now it seems she will not return to India. In India, Anju's father has said she has ended all relations with Anju.

This is what her father and first husband said

Her father Gayaprasad Thomas, a tailor,said he has two more daughters to marry off, but Anju has been extremely selfish. By going to Pakistan and marrying someone else, she has crossed all limits. As far as I’m concerned, she has stepped over my dead body; now I have nothing to do with her. 

Her husband, Arvind Kumar, who works with a private company in Bhiwadi, said he can’t fathom why she did all this. He said, "I tried my best to fulfil all her wish but now I will never be able to forgive her even if she comes back. There is no question of taking her back in my life,”

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