8 Jul 2023

Records Are Made By Players In Cricket, But A Different Type Of Record Was Made In Duleep Trophy 2023 Semi Final Today

Bengaluru: In cricket matches the records are made in all areas including batting, bowling and fielding. But in the Duleep Trophy semi final 2023 match between South Zone and North Zone today a new type of record was made. This record was different from all others and it was not made by any player. 

What was the record? This record has been made by the dutiful and diligent groundsmen. Never in recent history, a match has been interrupted 16 times due to rain and bad light, and yet ended in a result. This happened at M Chinnaswamy stadium in the Duleep Trophy semi finals between South Zone and North Zone. And it was possible due to hard work of groundsmen.

As many as 10 times the match was interrupted due to rain and six times due to bad light. On Day 1, 30 minutes were lost and on Day 2, 69 minutes were lost due rains and bad light. On Day 3 on Saturday, over an hour's play was lost due to rains.

Their efforts helped game restart and run smoothly

Despite this, the KSCA groundsmen led by Prashanth Rao and assisted by Jacinta, spelt magic. They toiled hard - rolled pitches, ran in to cover the pitch during the rains and removed the cover after the rains. They performed a crucial duty to keep cricket going. Their efforts helped the game restart and run smoothly, and they did it for nothing in return.

And yes, if something goes wrong, the groundsmen receive the brickbat, and one cannot forget the sacking of a Lucknow curator for preparing a shocker of a pitch for the second T20I between India and New Zealand this January.

Racks of praise are lavished on players for their performances, but the groundsmen who shape their destiny rarely receive praise. But if it comes it is their biggest incentive.

Their world seems to be devoid of glamour, though in every venue, the groundsmen work long hours under the sun and rain.

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