8 Jul 2023

Twitter Vs Threads: Is Threads Better Than Twitter? Why Its Popularity Rising So Rapidly? Can there Be Legal battle Between Two?

Instagram and Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg launched a new microblogging app Threads on July 5. This new app Threads is creating new records day by day. More than 50 lakh people downloaded this app in just 2 hours. After 24 hours the number of people who downloaded it increased to 10 million and in 3 days it increased to 50 million. 

Now social media users are calling Threads as Twitter killer. Twitter has also come under tension due to the ever-popular Threads app.

In what ways Threads is better than Twitter?

Threads is easier to use than Twitter. Instagram users can easily create Threads account through one click. Whereas on Twitter you have to update mobile number, email id etc.

Users have to pay for many features on Twitter, while the Threads app is currently completely free.

All the followers you have on Instagram are also on Threads. Whereas on Twitter you have to create a new following base.

From posts, comments to many other features of Twitter keep changing everyday. Users annoyed by frequent changes in these features have got a better option.

Threads is currently completely ad free, while Twitter is not ad free at the moment. In such a situation, threads are the best medium for the users to express themselves.


There could be a legal war between two companies 

It is believed that there may be a legal war between the two companies soon. This is being said because the owner of the Twitter company and the richest man in the world, Elon Musk has indicated to file a case on Meta.

Musk says that competition is fine, but copying is wrong. It is believed that if the popularity of Threads continues to grow at the same rate, Twitter may soon disappear from social media platforms. That's why Twitter can take some big steps soon.

Former Twitter employees are the developer of Threads?

Elon Musk surprised everyone by buying Twitter recently. However, he fired many people after taking over the company. These people were hired by Facebook and they made Twitter's competitor app Threads. It is being said that the old developers of Twitter are the developers of Threads. However, Facebook has called all these allegations baseless.

Twitter threatens to file law suit

Twitter and Meta have come face to face regarding the Threads app. Twitter lawyer Alex Spiro has written a letter to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg threatening to sue Meta. A Twitter spokesperson says that Meta has hired former Twitter employees who used Twitter's sensitive information. Twitter is thinking of filing a case on Meta regarding these confidential information. 

However, legal experts say that a case cannot be filed against the Threads app with this argument. Before suing Twitter, the Threads app will have to be studied completely, because this app does not have many such options which are there in Twitter.

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