12 Jul 2023

Tickets Of More Than Two Dozen MPs In Uttar Pradesh May Be Cut Due To One Mistake; Here's Whole Story

Bharatiya Janata Party fights every election with full seriousness and strength. Under a similar strategy, the BJP is preparing for the Lok Sabha elections. For this, it is going from village to village and telling people what the Modi government at the Centre has done for the country. For this, Maha Jansampark Abhiyan (mega public relations campaign) was launched and work was done to publicize the achievements. 

Even after this it was felt that the full information has not reached the people, so the date of the public relations campaign was also extended. On the other hand, news is also coming that this time it is almost certain that many MPs will be denied tickets in UP. Let's try to know the whole matter.

Public relations campaign will continue till July 18

BJP's mass public relations campaign going on across the country was to end on June 30, but its date was extended to July 18. It was said behind this that many MPs in UP have been very careless in telling the achievements of the Central government. Due to which information about the achievements has not reached the people in the state. The BJP high command is said to be very angry with this. There are about 25 to 30 such MPs who are believed to be negligent during the campaign. That's why the party has given another chance by extending the date of the mass contact campaign.

Survey also increased concern

In the internal survey of BJP in Uttar Pradesh, the report card of many MPs is very poor. People are not very happy with their work and style. It is being told that a list of such MPs is being prepared. That's why the MPs who were negligent in publicizing the 9 years’ achievements of the Center and have poor performance in the survey report, their tickets are almost certain to be cut. The Bharatiya Janata Party will not depend on such reckless leaders under any circumstances.

The goal is to win all the seats

The BJP has set a target of winning all the 80 Lok Sabha seats in Uttar Pradesh. In such a situation, if the report card of the MPs is poor, then it will be very difficult to win the election. BJP knows that whoever works hard in politics will reach the goal. The party knows that the road to Delhi passes through Uttar Pradesh only, so there should be no laxity in it.

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