2 Jul 2023

We women once used to live in ghunghat: Lakhpati Didi Sarita Told PM Modi in Shahdol, Madhya Pradesh

Shahdol: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during his stay in Shahdol, Madhya Pradesh, interacted with tribal representatives, players of football club, Lakhpati Didis of self-help groups and beneficiaries who were benefitted after the implementation of PESA Act in Pakaria village. 

Sarita Barman, who grew up in normal circumstances and has now become Lakhpati Didi, is also elated with the dignified presence of Modi. She says that we women once used to live in ghunghat inside the house. Not only have I become financially empowered by joining the self-help group, now I am also being known as Lakhpati Didi.

Sarita says that initially she was under financial stress, but self-help groups gave women wings of independence and self-reliance. With the schemes being run by the central and state government for the upliftment of women, certainly we women are now moving forward by becoming self-dependent.

Financial condition of my household improved by rearing chicken and goats: Radha Rajak

Lakhpati Didi Radha Rajak told that four years ago the condition of my house was worse. In such a situation, someone advised me to join a self-help group. Initially I thought the Self-Help Group was some bank loan giving institution, but with time I understood the activities and objectives of the Self-Help Group. 

Radha said that to improve the financial condition of his household, she took a loan from the group for poultry farming. Slowly this business of mine started expanding. Now the financial condition of my house is better than before. Radha Rajak looked very excited after interacting with Prime Minister Modi.

Radha says that initially I bought 50 hens by taking a loan from the self-help group, which was later increased to 100. Due to good work, now I have started keeping 200-250 hens. When I got support from home also, I took help from the group for goat rearing. Now both my works are going very well and the financial condition of my family has also improved. 

Radha said earlier I used to worry about the education of my children, now I am able to arrange for their education as well. Now I have also become the president of the self-help group in which I was associated as a member earlier. I would say that joining the group was definitely a life changing decision for me. I consider myself fortunate to have the Prime Minister present in my midst.

A historic day for all football players of Shahdol

Saturday was also a historic day for all the football players of Shahdol division. The Prime Minister interacted with about 100 promising football players and coaches of the “Football Revolution” programme conducted in Shahdol division. 

Prime Minister Modi listened and understood different aspects of the life of the football players. He inquired about the ongoing “Football Revolution” programme under the direction of Shahdol Divisional Commissioner Rajeev Sharma and also appreciated the encouragement tribal players get from the programme. 

The players introduced themselves and shared their experiences on the positive changes in their lives after joining Football Revolution. Prime Minister Modi also talked to 4-year-old football player Anidev Singh and 5-year-old Yash and wished them.

Sheikh Kunin was fond of football since childhood 

According to Sheikh Kunin of Amlai, he was fond of football since childhood. He also played football at the local level and had been captain too. Starting from the year 2021, the ‘football revolution’ has changed his attitude towards football. Now we are practicing and training everyday in good facilities. The dream is to play for the country in the future. It is very inspiring to have the Prime Minister in our midst. 

Five-year-old Yash also dreams of playing football for country

Five-year-old Yash who joined the discussion also dreams of playing football for the country. National level senior football selectors, seeing the talent of second class student Yash have considered him as the future of football in the coming days.

Today was also a big and memorable day for football player Renu Kewat. Renu says that it was a hobby since childhood, but after the football revolution, I got the inspiration to move forward in this game. She practices on the ground every day. Renu tells that she met Prime Minister Modi after finding him in the midst of sportspersons, her energy is highly encouraging.

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