19 Jul 2023

Will Seema Haider Be Sent Back To Pakistan? What Her First Husband Has Said About Her?


Seema Haider who came to India from Pakistan via Nepal has grabbed media headlines. Seema along with her four children had moved to her boyfriend Sachin Meena's house in Greater Noida. Meanwhile, India's investigation agencies have started probing Seema Haider's entry.

Presently UP ATS is probing this case. In the case, Special DG Law and Order Prashant Kumar told that all the investigating agencies are doing their own work. This matter concerns two nations, so until sufficient evidence is available, it is not appropriate to say anything.

Prashant Kumar told that once Seema Haider had gone to jail. She is out on bail. On the question of sending her back, he said that law is already there in this regard. Accordingly legal action will be taken. 


When asked how Pakistani woman Seema Haider succeeded in entering India through Nepal, Kumar said that passport is not required that's why such things happen. He said that nothing is written on anyone's face.

On the other hand, the UP government has also become strict in the matter of Pakistani Seema Haider. UP Deputy Chief Minister Brajesh Pathak said that we will maintain law and order in UP. Our government will not tolerate any illegal activity. He told that a high-level inquiry is going on in the entire case of Seema Haider. Central agencies are also probing the matter.

Seema Haider is being interrogated for the last two days. It is being claimed that no concrete proof of her being a spy has come to the fore. At present the investigation is going on. Seema and Sachin came into contact through the PUBG game.


Come back for children's sake: Seema's husband 


Earlier, Seema's first husband Ghulam Haidar, currently in Saudi Arabia, has said he still loves her. In an interview with a Pakistani YouTuber, Ghulam said he is worried about their children and wants Seema to come back to him.

"You know very well how much I love you. If anything happens to you there, just think about what will happen to our children. Who will take responsibility? So for their sake, please come back," he said in the interview.

"I still love you the same and will continue to do so. I miss the kids and you so much. No one will say anything to you. I will keep you with me and we will start a new life again," he added.

Ghulam Haidar said that if she feels unsafe in Pakistan, he will take her and the children to Saudi with him, and settle down there.

Some time back, Seema's children were seen raising the slogan 'Hindustan Zindabad'. Reacting to it, Ghulam said, "They are children. They will say Pakistan Zindabad as well if you ask them to."

Furthermore, Ghulam revealed that he left his first wife for Seema and went to Saudi Arabia to earn more money for their family. As proof of his commitment, Ghulam said he would previously send Rs 40-50 thousand a month to Seema, and later increased the allowance to Rs 80-90 thousand, so their children could be well taken care of.

Ghulam said he gave Seema Rs 17 lakh for a house, despite not having that much money at the time. He said that Seema desired to buy her own house.

Earlier, Ghulam had made a heartfelt appeal to the Indian government to send his wife and children back to Pakistan. He alleged that his wife was lured and manipulated to come to India through PUBG.

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