5 Aug 2023

Anju Fatima's Visa Extended; Will She Live In Pakistan Permanently, What Are Her Plans, Nasrullah Tells

Islamabad: Anju Fatima was claiming to return to India till a few days ago but she now appear to have made up her mind to settle in Pakistan along with her Pakistani husband Nasrullah. The Pakistan government has extended Anju's visa which means she will stay in Pakistan itself. 

Anju and Nasrullah are now openly talking about their love story. Not only this, Pakistanis are showering gifts on Anju for converting to Islam. The question is, what will be Anju's next step in Pakistan?

Fatima will plan to live here permanently: Nasrullah

Recently Anju and Nasrullah were seen in Islamabad. He was believed to have gone to Islamabad to extend Anju's visa. Now Nasrullah has revealed that the government has extended Anju's visa for two months. 

Talking to a Pakistani newspaper, he said, "Fatima's (Islamic name of Anju) visa has been extended for two months and later she is expected to be given a one-year visa. Then Fatima will plan to live here permanently.

'India should allow Anju's two children under 15 to live with her in Pakistan'

Nasrullah also said that he wants the Indian government to allow Anju's two children under the age of 15 to go to Pakistan and live with their mother. Ruling out the possibility of Anju returning to India, he said, "You yourself should think what will be done with Anju if she goes back to India." Nasrullah said that Anju will now live her life according to the local customs and traditions of Upper Dir.

He said that Anju will be allowed to work and she can join his company. Nasrullah said that Anju is not talking to the local media at the moment as it could lead to trouble, but she would talk to local journalists later. 

In India, Anju's husband Arvind told reporters that Anju had only basic schooling and was working as a data entry operator in a local company.

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