5 Aug 2023

Gyanvapi Mosque Case: Muslim Side Also Joins ASI Survey; Basement To Be Opened Today

Varanasi: The ASI survey is continuing in Gyanvapi Mosque of Varanasi on Saturday as well. After the Supreme Court rejected the petition, from today the Muslim side is also present during the survey. On the first day the Muslim side had boycotted the survey. Except for the Waju Khana, other parts of the mosque will be surveyed again. 

In the first day's survey, apart from preparing the shape of the campus, measurement of the campus was also done. The ASI team has collected evidence from the walls and its surrounding parts. It is being told that the investigation will be carried forward through radiation on Saturday.

The survey is being done through Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology. In this, information can be obtained about metal and other structures up to 10 meters deep into the ground without digging.

In the survey to be held today on Saturday, the basement occupied by the Muslim side will also be opened. The keys of basement are with the Muslim side. The Muslim side is participating in the survey for the first time on Saturday. Due to being closed for a long time, first the Municipal Corporation will clean the basement. Then its length and width will be measured.

Muslim side is ready to support the survey

One of the lawyers for Anjuman Committee Mumtaz Ahmad said that the Muslim side is ready to support the survey.

Mumtaz Ahmed also said that the Muslim side was not participating in the survey until yesterday, but now it is satisfied and is assisting the ASI team. "We are satisfied with the ASI Survey... Till yesterday, we were not participating, but today we are participating and assisting the ASI team," Mumtaz Ahmed said.

Vishnu Shankar Jain, lawyer of Hindu side said, "The Muslim side is not supporting us. They are here because of the court order. They fought in three courts, when they couldn't win, they are participating."  

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