4 Aug 2023

ASI Survey Of Gyanvapi Mosque To Continue; Supreme Court Refuses To Stay

New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Friday refused to stay tbe ASI survey of Gyanvapi Mosque. The court asked the Muslim side why should they interfere in the order of the High Court and why the Muslim side is objecting to the ASI survey.

The bench said the survey is not going to cause any harm to the Muslim side. Not only this, the Supreme Court has suggested that let the survey be done. Let the report be submitted in a sealed cover. The court said that the survey should be done by non-invasive methods.

Survey was stopped for 4 hours for Namaaz

Earlier, after getting permission from the Allahabad High Court, the ASI team started the survey in Gyanvapi from 8 am on Thursday. After 4 hours i.e. at 12 o'clock the survey was stopped for Namaz. The survey resumed at 3 pm. This time there are 61 members in the ASI survey team. Means 40 members more than last time.

Gyanvapi campus is divided into 4 blocks

The Gyanvapi campus is divided into 4 blocks. Cameras are installed all around. Videography is being done. The west wall of Gyanvapi has maximum focus. Fine scanning of the wall is being done. Artifacts are being viewed. The Hindu side is inside with the ASI. But the Muslim side has refused to participate in the survey.

High alert in view of Friday prayers

The Muslim side did not reach Gyanvapi. In view of the Friday prayers, there is a high alert in the state. Forces are deployed around Gyanvapi. The local court of Varanasi had asked the ASI to conduct the survey and submit the report on 4th August. But, the Muslim side reached the Supreme Court and then the High Court. ASI could not conduct the survey. In such an affidavit, more time has been sought in the court.

On Thursday, the Allahabad High Court had given permission to the ASI to conduct a scientific survey of Gyanvapi. Meanwhile, the Muslim side had moved the Supreme Court against the High Court's order.

Additional District Magistrate (City) Alok Kumar Verma has allowed 7 people from the Hindu side and 9 from the Muslim side to go inside with the survey team. In this, Rekha Pathak, Sita Sahu, Laxmi Devi, Sohan Lal Arya, Anupam Dwivedi, Subhash Nandan Chaturvedi, Vikram Vyas have reached inside the premises from the Hindu side.

On the other hand, Maulana Abdul Banki, Abdul Batin Nomani, MM Yasin, Mumtaz Ahmed, Akhlaq Ahmed, Mohammad Ejaz Ahmed, Shamsher Ali, Fuzail Ahmed, Haji Nesar were called on the Muslim side, but they have not reached the Gyanvapi campus.

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