10 Aug 2023

Bihar: Grand Alliance Govt Minister Not In Favor Of Caste Census ; What Is Meaning Of This Statement Of Education Minister Chandrashekhar?

While Bihar CM Nitish Kumar is getting the caste census done in the state, the ministers of his own government are seen opposing it. Bihar Education Minister Chandrashekhar raised a big question on the caste system in the state. Minister Chandrashekhar said that in order for India to become a world guru again, we have to pay special attention to education by rising above religion, caste.

In his address on the 14th foundation day of Simultala Residential School in Bihar, Minister Chandrashekhar said that the caste system is not a divine system. It is made because of our forefathers. There are about 195 countries in the world. Out of which, except for seven-eight countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, caste discrimination is not visible anywhere. We don't have to live by being tied to the bunch of caste. The minister said that this body is made of five elements. So where did caste come from here?


Shri Ram had eaten berries given by Shabari

At the same time, during the programme, Education Minister Professor Chandrashekhar said that Lord Shri Ram had eaten the berries that were tasted by Shabri. This proves that caste has no significance. The minister insisted that India is a golden bird. To become a world guru, parents should leave everything and focus on the education and teaching of their children. The minister said that our country was once a leader in field of education. Full credit for this goes to the state of Bihar. When there was no idea about any university in the world, at that time there were many universities in our Bihar.

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