10 Aug 2023

CM Ashok Gehlot made a big political bet in Rajasthan, there will be caste census, 27 percent reservation for OBC

The caste census in Bihar has been mired in controversies since its starting phase. Meanwhile in Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot has given a big statement regarding the census. Gehlot said that his government will conduct caste census in Rajasthan. 

When CM Gehlot was making this announcement on the occasion of World Tribal Day, Rahul Gandhi was also sitting on the stage. Gehlot said in the meeting – Rahul Gandhi has said that there should be a caste census, so a message has gone to the whole country. CM Gehlot also said that Rahul Gandhi wants caste census. We also want the caste census to start from Rajasthan.

The CM said that according to your sentiment caste census will start in Rajasthan. Whoever is entitled on the basis of caste, he will get it. We want to take this type of thinking forward. 

In the election year, CM Ashok Gehlot also made a tweet late on Wednesday night. In which he announced to increase OBC reservation. Along with the announcement of conducting caste census in Rajasthan, CM also announced to increase OBC reservation from 21% to 27% and separate 6% reservation for basic OBCs. BJP is calling this as an election gimmick.


Big impact can be seen in the assembly elections

Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot has announced about OBC reservation at Mangarh Dham. Agitations had been going on in Rajasthan for a long time in support of demand to increase reservation. In such a situation, in view of the assembly elections, this announcement of CM Gehlot has created a political stir in the state. 

After this announcement of the CM, it is believed that now a big impact can be seen in the assembly elections. OBC population in Rajasthan is about 60 percent. Congress can get benefit from this announcement in the coming elections. Experts are considering it as a political bet of CM Gehlot.

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