19 Aug 2023

Dolphin Dubey Speaks About Her Role As A Materialistic Bahu In 'Kyunki… Saas Maa, Bahu Beti Hoti Hai’

Zee TV is all set to present viewers with yet another thought-provoking fiction offering – Kyunki… Saas Maa, Bahu Beti Hoti Hai. The story takes viewers to Gujarat where amidst a vibrant Navratri celebration, a storm begins to brew within the Rajgaur family of Palanpur. The youngest bahu - Hetal wants to live separately as she can't adjust in a joint family. She challenges the traditional role of a bahu. 


This unexpected turn of events leaves Ambika, the eldest bahu and the matriarch of the Rajgaur dynasty devastated as it has been her top-most priority to keep the family together.

Portraying the character of Hetal is the acclaimed television actress Dolphin Dubey. Hetal's principles clash with Ambika's, resulting in a family split. As the family's youngest daughter-in-law, Hetal believes every member has equal rights to the family's wealth. 


Hetal demands her rightful share of the property


Hetal believes the family perceives her solely as a daughter-in-law, never truly accepting her as a daughter. Holding firm to the belief that ‘Saas kabhi maa, aur Bahu kabhi beti nahi ban sakti’, Hetal demands her rightful share of the property and wants to separate.

Dolphin said, “I feel excited to be a part of this unique television show. My character, Hetal, is unlike any other member of the Rajgaur family. Her opinions and ideas often clash with the family members, including her husband, which leads to misunderstandings and conflicts.”


'This practical character requires me to switch off my true self'


Dolphin says Hetal consistently prioritizes herself, displaying a self-centered nature. Though I'm a very emotional person, playing this practical character requires me to switch off my true self and dial into a manipulative, materialistic personality type. It's a challenging task, but I will always give my 100%, and entertain the audience thoroughly, Dolphin added.

Well, while Dolphin is all excited about this new on-screen character in the show, it will be interesting for viewers to see Ambika take a most unusual, first-of-its-kind step – a landmark decision in the history of motherhood to keep the Rajgaurs together.

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