31 Aug 2023

Goa’s Birth Rate Falls To 1.3; Is Government Doing Anything About This?

Goa will be the first state in India where the government will provide free IVF treatment to couples who want to become parents.

Rising population is a matter of concern in most parts of the country. But in Goa falling population is a cause of worry for the authorities. According to the information published on the Economic Survey 2022-23, the birth or fertility rate of Goa has fallen in the last five years.

According to the data published in this survey, the National Family Health Survey or NFHS-5, the total fertility rate of Goa is 1.3. 


The fertility rate of 2.1 is needed for the population to remain stable. That is a couple must have average of slightly more than 2 children but at present they are having average of only 1.3 children.

According to research institute 'PRS Legislative Research', Goa is a state which has allocated 9.1 percent of its total budget for health expenditure, which is much higher than the average of other states

100 couples have registered for IVF treatment in Goa

On the issue of free IVF treatment, Goa Health Minister Vishwajit Rane said that till now 100 couples have registered for IVF treatment in Goa Medical College and it will be funded under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

IVF comes under ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) technology in which reproduction takes place with the help of artificial technology.

ART is used to treat infertility. It includes fertility treatments that handle both eggs and sperm. It works by removing eggs from the ovaries. The eggs are then mixed with sperm to make embryos. The embryos are then put back in the parent's body.

The government had brought the ART Bill in the year 2021 with the aim of protecting the reproductive rights of women.


Deterrent for couples

In India, the cost of IVF treatment has often been a significant deterrent for couples seeking fertility solutions. Depending on the hospital and the complexity of the IVF procedure, the expenses can range from Rs 70,000 to Rs 3 lakh per cycle


The financial burden often leaves many individuals and families grappling with limited options. The Goa government’s decision to offer free IVF treatment directly addresses this pressing concern, easing the financial strain on couples and expanding access to reproductive healthcare.


Every year 200-300 couples from Goa go to other places for IVF

Goa's Health Minister Vishwajit Rane said, "Every year around 200-300 couples from Goa go for IVF to places like Pune, Kolhapur etc. Many of these families used to invest their savings in it. Sometimes they fall victims to quacks or fake doctors. In such a situation, they lose money and success is also not achieved.”

Rane said further, "Their dream of becoming parents remains unfulfilled. Many such couples shared their grief with us and then we decided to help them as we do not want to keep any couple away from the happiness of having a child."

Yuri Alemao, leader of the Congress party and the Opposition in Goa, says it is a good step, but how successful the government will be able to make it on the ground remains to be seen.

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