1 Aug 2023

Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election-2023: Will Amit Shah Control Ticket Distribution? Why Ticket Aspirants Are Jittery?

After the recent visits of Union Home Minister Amit Shah to Bhopal and Indore on July 26 and 30, the state BJP organization has started working at a rapid pace. The office bearers of the organization and the leaders in power have lost their sleep. The most restless are the contenders for the assembly tickets and the sitting MLAs. The reason for this is that ticket distribution in Madhya Pradesh will be done as per Amit Shah's wish.

Shah's NOC will be needed 

According to sources, without Amit Shah's NOC, the state selection committee will not recommend any panel for the assembly seat. Amit Shah's team will also scrutinize the recommendations of the state selection committee. After this the Central Election Committee will finalize the tickets. In the matter of ticket distribution, Amit Shah will also get the feedback of the Sangh directly. 

Amit Shah is constantly in touch with veteran campaigners of the Sangh in the matter of election campaign and election strategy. Workers from other states have also been sent by the central BJP to survey the assembly seats in Madhya Pradesh.

Apart from these surveys, feedback will also be given to the Sangh's central sector unit by the department unit. This feedback will also reach Amit Shah. Apart from this, a Gujarat team of Amit Shah is also roaming in the state regarding ticket distribution, which will give its findings to Shah. 

Shah's team is also taking care of media campaign

Amit Shah's team has also taken care of the media campaign. For this Himanshu Singh of IBM Media has come to Bhopal twice. An office is being searched for him in Bhopal. Amit Shah's team will work parallel to the teams of the Chief Minister and the BJP organization. That is, the teams of the Chief Minister and the BJP organization will continue to do their work as before.

In the 2018 assembly elections also, the Modi-Shah duo wanted a big change in Madhya Pradesh, but the state leaders did not take any risk in ticket distribution. The result was that the party lost in 7 assembly seats by less than 1000 votes and had to lose power. Later many political analysts said that had the party had fielded more young leaders in some seats, the results could have been different.

BJP's ticket distribution will be on Gujarat formula?

On the lines of Gujarat, BJP's ticket distribution in Madhya Pradesh will also be based on social engineering i.e. caste equations. BJP had given almost 50% tickets in Gujarat to the OBC category on general seats. The same formula is likely to be applicable in Madhya Pradesh as well. BJP fielded 50% candidates below the age of 50 in Gujarat, which benefited the party. 

In Gujarat, the BJP high command had given more opportunities to the youth in ticket distribution. In Gujarat too, along with the lost seats, the party changed about 35 percent of its MLAs. 

Option of safe and respectable exit


In Gujarat a new experiment of safe and respectable exit was done. Under this, several ministers including former Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, former Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel were asked to announce that they themselves would not contest the elections. In return, the party will give them a respectable post in future. 

About a dozen veterans did the same in Gujarat. Madhya Pradesh also has more than a dozen such leaders who have been leading the party in different ways for the last 30 years. All of them will be offered a safe exit. 

Along with this, the distribution of tickets in Gujarat also proved that in Madhya Pradesh too, BJP will give almost 50% tickets to leaders below 50 years of age. This means that the about a dozen ministers of the state cabinet would not get ticket in the 2023 assembly elections.

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