22 Aug 2023

Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections-2023: Political Future Of Two Former Ministers Anchal Sonkar and Lakhan Ghanghoria Will Be At Stake In Jabalpur East Vidhan Sabha

Jabalpur: Among the 11 candidates of Mahakaushal, whose names have been released by the BJP for the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections-2023 to be held after a few months, the most interesting contest is going to be held in the Jabalpur East assembly. 

In this seat, a political contest is almost certain between two old rivals, former minister Anchal Sonkar and Lakhan Ghanghoria, who was the social justice and disabled welfare minister in the Congress government.

Being a sitting MLA and there being no other contender of the stature of Lakhan Ghanghoria from the Congress camp, it is believed that the main contest on this seat will be between these two. Therefore, election activities have also started in the East assembly. Along with the rounds of meetings in both the parties, allegations and counter-allegations have started.

Muslim voters play an important role in this seat

Anchal and Lakhan have been waging a political battle since 2008 in the Jabalpur East assembly constituency dominated by money power and muscle power and both have won two elections each. Since Muslim voters play an important role in this seat, Congress gets its benefit. Besides, Lakhan Ghanghoria's personal strength is his strong network of workers, which extends from booths to streets.

Anchal has an army of dedicated workers

On the other hand, Anchal Sonkar has been MLA of Gotegaon thrice and contested elections twice from this seat. With the help of deep understanding of election strategies and political experience, he has become adept in changing any situation to his advantage. Anchal also has an army of dedicated workers who are not ready to give up easily.

AIMIM can give a blow to Cong

Asaduddin Owaisi party AIMIM has tasted success in the civic body elections. Since then, some Muslim leaders are active in view of the assembly elections, so they can try their luck depending on the Muslim voters. If such an equation is created, then it can be a blow to the Congress. Although there are high chances that even if the leaders of AIMIM try their luck, it seems difficult for them to rise in political status.

Both face risk of betrayal

Dissatisfaction with ticket distribution in the urban body elections was visible in both the major political parties. Differences during that time can emerge in the assembly elections, which both the parties are apprehensive about. Apart from this, there is a long list of opponents of Anchal Sonkar in the BJP, while in the Congress also a strong anti-Lakhan faction has been formed. 

In such a situation, it is being said that the one who deals better with the hostile situations the stronger will have advantage. Lakhan Ghanghoria's nephew and youth leader Manav Ghanghoria had joined BJP in July along with more than a hundred workers.

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