23 Aug 2023

Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections-2023: CM Shivraj May Expand Cabinet Before polls, These MLAs May Get Chance To Become Ministers


The speculation about cabinet expansion has intensified before the assembly elections-2023 in Madhya Pradesh. It is believed that three to four new MLAs may get a place in the cabinet in the expansion. In this expansion, efforts will be made to satisfy the regional equations. Former minister and senior MLA Rajendra Shukla from Vindhya region, Gaurishankar Bisen from Mahakaushal and Rahul Lodhi from Bundelkhand can be made ministers.

The speculation about cabinet expansion intensified when CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan met Governor Mangubhai Patel. After this meeting which took place on Tuesday late evening, it is being told that CM Shivraj can expand his cabinet in the coming one or two days. Because the place of four ministers is also vacant in the cabinet. So there is possibility of some more MLAs becoming ministers.

Four posts are vacant in Shivraj's cabinet

In fact, Shivraj government has a total of 30 ministers including CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan. While a total of 35 ministers can be made in MP. In such a situation, new MLAs can be included on the remaining posts in the cabinet. Not only political, social but also regional equations can be seen in this cabinet expansion from the point of view of elections.

But it is also true that if the cabinet is expanded, then the new ministers will get only one and a half months to show their performance and work. Because the election code of conduct is likely to be imposed in the coming month of October. 

Meanwhile, political experts tell that the MLAs whose names are at the forefront of becoming ministers in the Shivraj government include MLA and former ministers Rajendra Shukla, Gaurishankar Bisen, Rampal Singh, Jalam Singh Patel and Rahul Singh Lodhi. Apart from this, a tribal MLA can also be given a place in the cabinet.

Eyes on Lodhi vote bank along with Mahakaushal and Vindhya

Political experts say that people's displeasure have been seen in the survey of Union Minister Amit Shah. Mahakaushal and Vindhya region not getting enough space in the cabinet is also being considered as a big reason for people's anger. 

Apart from this, there is a possibility of giving a place in the cabinet to any MLA coming from Lodhi community to woo the Lodhi vote bank.

Cabinet expansion CM's prerogative: VD Sharma

Madhya Pradesh BJP President VD Sharma has given a concise answer to the question related to cabinet expansion. VD Sharma said cabinet expansion is the exclusive right of the CM. They can decide on this anytime. If the decision is being taken, it will happen soon.

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