30 Aug 2023

Madhya Pradesh: Pro-Scindia MLA Jajpal Singh Jajji In Trouble, Now There Will Be Hearing In MP-MLA Court In Corruption Case

Gwalior: The troubles of Scindia supporter Jajpal Singh Jajji in Madhya Pradesh are not diminishing. The hearing on the high mast light scam is going to start in the MP MLA court of Gwalior. The government had suffered a loss of more than 33 lakhs due to this scam.

Jajpal Singh Jajji was the municipality president of Ashoknagar district from 1999 to 2004. Then the high mast lights were purchased. The municipality had floated a tender of Rs 25 lakh. But the contractor was paid about Rs 58 lakh. In the year 2015, a person named Devendra Tamarkar had complained about this matter to the Lokayukta police organization. 

The Lokayukta Police Organization had registered a case against Jajpal Singh Jajji in the year 2017 under various sections including the Corruption Act.


33 lakh loss to government 

The government had suffered a loss of more than 33 lakh due to the high mast light purchase scam in Ashok Nagar. BJP MLA Jajpal Singh Jajji held the post of Municipality President in Ashoknagar from 1999 to 2004. It was during his tenure that the tender for high mast lights was issued to illuminate the streets of Ashoknagar. At that time there was a tender of 25 lakhs, but it was issued for 58 lakhs. Thus the high mast light was procured at over twice the fixed price.

Case transferred to Gwalior MP MLA Court

The Lokayukta Police has also submitted the final charge sheet in this matter in the Lokayukta Special Court, Ashoknagar. Jajpal Singh Jajji is the MLA. In such a situation, the case has been transferred from Ashoknagar Court to Gwalior MP MLA Court. Now the next hearing of this matter is to be held on 25 September 2023. 

The election of Scindia BJP MLA Jajpal Singh Jajji has also been challenged in the High Court. An election petition seeking to nullify the election is also pending in the High Court.

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