15 Aug 2023

Rahul Gandhi Wrote This In His Message To Bharat Mata And Countrymen On Independence Day

On the occasion of the 77th anniversary of independence, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has shared a long message to 'Bharat Mata' and the countrymen.

He has written a four-page note in the name of the country and shared it on the social media platform X (Twitter).

Rahul Gandhi writes, “Last year I spent 145 days roaming the land I call home. I started from the sea shore and walked through the heat, dust and rain through forests, towns and hills till I reached the soft snow of my beloved Kashmir.”

I wanted to know what is it in this country that I love so much

“I wanted to understand what it is that I love so much, what it is that I am willing to give everything for, even my life. After all, what is that thing for which I have been suffering for years and listening to abuses. I wanted to know what is it in this country that I love so much, is it the land, the mountains, the sea or the people here, the ideas here? ,

"For years, I used to run eight to ten kilometers daily, so I felt that if I walk 25 kilometers, it would be easy. Within a few days, the pain of my old knee injury emerged, the pain which had disappeared came back. After running for a few days, my physio joined us on the trip, gave me proper advice but the pain persisted. And then I started noticing something. Every time I thought of stopping, every time I thought of giving up, someone would  come and give me the energy to move forward.

"Whenever I used to walk, people would come in huge numbers and shout slogans, flash cameras. I would listen to people every day and ignore my pain."

One day during the yatra there was an unusual silence

“But one day during the journey there was an unusual silence, a silence that I had never seen before. I could not hear anything except the person who was holding my hand and talking to me.

“I met a farmer who brought two of his rotten cotton plants, his hands showing years of pain and hard work. I could see the pain that was inside him for his children. He told that he saw his father dying in front of his eyes. He told me how humiliated he felt when he could not give money to his wife.”

Rahul Gandhi says that “I had to silence my voice, my will and my ambition in order to listen to India. India will speak for itself but to listen to it you have to calm yourself completely."

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