31 Aug 2023

Rajasthan Assembly Elections-2023: BJP's Dilemma, If Tickets Are Distributed Early, Disgruntled Aspirants Will Distance Them From Parivartan Yatra!

BJP has released a list of candidates for the assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh as well as in Chhattisgarh. Although the election schedule has not been announced yet, BJP has announced its candidates on many seats in both these states. But in Rajasthan BJP is not in a hurry to distribute tickets here. In fact, before the elections in Rajasthan, the BJP is taking out a Parivartan Yatra. Only after this the first list of the party can be released.

Party's focus on Parivartan Yatra

Party high command's focus is on Parivartan Yatra. If tickets are announced right now many ticket aspirants, who will be denied ticket, and their supporters, will keep distance from the yatra. BJP fears rebellion during Parivartan Yatra.

Tickets will be announced after Parivartan Yatra

It is said that due to the preparations for the Parivartan Yatra, the meeting of the party’s Central Election Committee to be held in Delhi on August 27 was also postponed. In fact, the party is apprehensive that if the ticket announcement is made earlier, it may affect the Parivartan Yatra. According to Rajasthan BJP state president CP Joshi, there is no meeting on the issue of ticket distribution yet.

BJP wants to create favorable environment through Parivartan Yatra

Parivartan Yatra will cover 200 assembly seats. BJP's Parivartan Yatra will start on September 2. Chaupals of tribals, Dalits, farmers and youths will be organised. BJP will also set up Chaupals for the women. Information about central schemes related to these women and various sections will be given in Chaupals. Failure of Congress government's schemes will be counted. Issues like paper leak, corruption, rape, murder etc will be raised.

State leadership will be engaged in yatra

The state leadership will be fully engaged in these yatras. Not only this, central leaders will also participate in these yatras. In such a situation, by announcing the tickets, the party does not in any way want to divert its and the ticket aspirants' focus from the Parivartan Yatra.

If tickets are distributed in advance then only the candidate who will get the ticket will enthusiastically participate in the Parivartan Yatra. And those whose tickets are canceled can not only stay away from the yatra but can also remain inactive in the yatra.

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