31 Aug 2023

Madhya Pradesh: This BJP MLA Made Serious Allegations Against Scindia And His Supporters, Resigned From Party

Gwalior: Before the assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh, many of Scindia's supporters have left him one by one. But such leaders, who were upset with Scindia and left Congress and joined BJP, are again returning to Congress. Now the name of Kolaras MLA Virendra Raghuwanshi has also been included among them. 

However, Virendra Raghuwanshi has not yet joined Congress after quitting BJP. There are indications that he may join Congress soon. There is talk that BJP is going to get a big shock on 2nd September. PCC Chief Kamal Nath and Jaivardhan Singh will get him Congress membership.

Virendra Raghuwanshi left Cong during 2014 LS elections

Virendra Raghuwanshi left Congress and joined BJP during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. He had left Congress at that time due to displeasure with Jyotiraditya Scindia, now once again he has left BJP duer to the same reason. He has made many serious allegations against Scindia and his supporters.

'Old BJP workers are being neglected'

During interaction with reporters, Raghuwanshi alleged that corruption is rampant in the state. He also expressed deep dissatisfaction towards some MLAs who joined BJP along with Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia and were made ministers. He said that due to the 'newcomer' BJP workers, the old workers of the party are victims of neglect.

When Virendra Raghuwanshi was in Congress, he did not get on well with Jyotiraditya Scindia and his supporters. Meanwhile, Scindia and his supporters left the Congress and joined the BJP. Virendra Raghuwanshi was already in BJP as he had quit Congress and joined saffron party in 2014. 

In such a situation, Virendra Raghuwanshi, MLA from Kolaras of Gwalior Chambal region, again started feeling suffocated in BJP, because here also he did not get along with Scindia and his supporters ultimately leading to his resignation from BJP working committee.

'Scindia did not raise issue of farm loan waiver'

Virendra Raghuwanshi has not indicated what will be his next step, whether he will return to Congress or go with some other party. He has written in his resignation sent to BJP leaders that there are many workers like him in the entire Gwalior-Chambal. But the newcomers BJP and Scindia supporters are neglecting them. 

Raghuwanshi said that Scindia ji had brought down the Congress government by saying that the loan of Rs 2 lakh of farmers was not being waived off in the Congress government. But after the formation of BJP government, Scindia ji did not even mention the issue of loan waiver with the leaders till date.

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