29 Aug 2023

Rajasthan Assembly Elections-2023: Will BJP's Plan To Focus On Muslim-dominated Seats Help It Snatch Power From Congress?

Jaipur: In Rajasthan, whenever the Congress has gained power by ousting the BJP, the biggest role has been played by the Muslim voters. This is the reason why this time BJP has made special preparations for this. The BJP has now made a plan to focus on 40 Muslim dominated assembly seats.

BJP's big program at national level 

The BJP is preparing to organize a big program at the national level for people associated with Dargah-Idgah and Muslim committees. National President of BJP Minority Front, Jamal Siddiqui says that at least 100 enlightened people will be called from every district. This will send a message across the country that the BJP is working in the interest of Muslims and the party is gaining ground in the Muslim community.

1000 Muslim families to be connected with BJP in each assembly

About three months before the elections, the BJP has started the work of connecting one thousand Muslim families with the party in every Muslim-dominated assembly seat. Most of these include Muslim women, intellectuals and religious leaders of the society.

These one thousand people will be given the target of getting at least ten votes each from their own family and relatives' families. In this way, BJP will try to get at least ten thousand votes of Muslims in every seat. For this, the task has also been assigned to the Rashtriya Muslim Manch of the RSS.

Cong will directly lose 20,000 votes on every seat

The BJP believes that if the party gets 10,000 votes each from the Muslim community in every Muslim-dominated seat, then the Congress will directly lose 20,000 votes in every seat. Looking at the trend of the last three elections, in most of these 40 seats with more than 30% Muslim voters, the win-loss figure remained between one thousand to 20 thousand.

Among them, the number of seats with a difference of less than 10,000 is large. Out of these 40 seats, the margin of victory was less than ten thousand on 27 seats in 2008 elections, on 14 seats in 2013 and 17 seats in 2018.

BJP trying to change its image among Muslims

Jamal Siddiqui, National President of BJP Minority Front said, Muslims feel that BJP is not the right option for Muslims. We are slowly trying to change this image. For this, they are working on 40 Muslim dominated seats in Rajasthan, 12 in Madhya Pradesh, 24 in Telangana and 12 in Chhattisgarh.

Several campaigns are being run to take the work of the party to the intelligentsia, Muslim women and religious leaders. Recently, PM Modi had also asked all the MPs to get Muslim women to tie rakhi on Raksha Bandhan.

Special focus of BJP is on Pasmanda Muslim

In Muslim society, the special focus of BJP is on Pasmanda Muslims. 70 percent of the Muslim population comes in this category. Among Pasmanda Muslims, there are working Muslims belonging to OBC and Dalit class, who earn their livelihood by doing small jobs. BJP is vigorously promoting the ongoing schemes from the Center in this section.

Muslims are being convinced that they are getting most of the benefits of Modi government's schemes like house, toilet, gas and pension. BJP is giving this message that when there is no difference between Hindu-Muslim at the government level then why should Muslims be angry with BJP.

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