10 Aug 2023

Samosa Is Popular Not Just In India; It Is Ideal Teatime Snack In This Country Also

Samosas are the excellent teatime companion to which no one can say no. They are that tasty! Made with flour and a filling of spicy potato and pea mixture, they have an exquisite flavour.


They're the ideal teatime snack in India but if you think that samosa is the preferred snack of people only in India, then it is not so at all. A research by the United Kingdom Tea and Infusion Association has revealed that the people of Britain also like to eat samosa and they often take it with tea. 


According to a research, 18 to 29-year-olds of Britain prefer samosas with tea. Actually, there has been a trend of eating biscuits with tea in Britain, but now people are changing their taste.

In fact, a survey was conducted on 10,000 people, in which it was revealed that 8 percent people are taking granola with tea. And the second choice of people is samosa with tea. 


Elderly people still prefer biscuits with tea 


However, this trend has been seen more in the youth. On the other hand, those whose age is more than 65 years, they like to have biscuits with tea. 


Dr Sharon Hall, chief executive of the United Kingdom Tea and Infusion Association, says that granola bars and samosas fill people's stomachs, which is probably why people are including them instead of biscuits with tea.

He said people want to have something spicy to accompany their tea, so they choose samosas instead of biscuits. Samosa can be one such snack for people, which reminds them of a recent trip, he added.

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