8 Aug 2023

Rahul Gandhi Gets Back 12, Tughlaq Lane Bungalow

New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has been re-allotted the 12, Tughlaq Lane bungalow, a day after his Lok Sabha membership was restored as per the directive of the Supreme Court. 

Rahul Gandhi was reinstated as a Member of Parliament on Monday after the Lok Sabha secretariat issued a new order. The new order effectively withdraws the previous one that had led to Gandhi's disqualification from his parliamentary position following his conviction in the 'Modi surname' case.

His official residence has been the 12, Tughlaq Lane bungalow in the national capital since 2005. He had vacated the house on April 22, a month after his conviction, in which he was awarded a two-year sentence by the court. 

Rahul had vacated his bungalow at 12 Tughlaq Lane when he was disqualified and was living with his mother Sonia. It was being  speculated whether he will get back his Tughlaq Lane bungalow or some other bungalow or will he continue ti live with his mother Sonia Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi, who represents Wayanad in the Lok Sabha, has completed three terms in the Parliament and is eligible for the Type-7 bungalow. Type-7 bungalow is spread between one to one and a half acres. It consists of 4 bedrooms. Ministers of State, judges of Delhi High Court etc live in such bungalows. New MPs get Type-5 bungalow.

Vacated 12, Tughlaq Lane on 22 April

He had vacated this house on 22 April. Members of Parliament become disqualified if convicted for two years or more. After this, the MP has to leave the government house within a maximum of one month and therefore Rahul had also vacated his bungalow.

When the former Congress president shifted all the things from the bungalow, the Congress party wrote on Twitter that this country is Rahul Gandhi's home. He lives in the hearts of people. A campaign was also launched to give Rahul his house. With #MeraGharAapkaGhar many people had offered homes for Rahul. Although Rahul is living in his mother's residence at 10 Janpath.

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