9 Sept 2023

Asia Cup-2023: PCB Said This Amidst Possibility Of Rains During India, Pakistan Super Four Match

Kandy: There is a possibility of rain during the ongoing Asia Cup-2023 matches in Sri Lanka. The league match between India and Pakistan was washed off.

There is a Super Four match between the two teams in Colombo on Sunday 10 September, but it is being feared that like the Kandy match, this match may also be affected due to rain.

In fact, the possibility of heavy rain and storm has been expressed in Colombo from Saturday night to Monday.

In such a situation, this match can also remain inconclusive due to the weather. This is the reason why the administrators of India and Pakistan have started blaming each other.

The dispute between BCCI and PCB seems to be increasing regarding the organization of Asia Cup matches.

In this controversy, the most sharp attack has been made by former Pakistan Cricket Board President Najam Sethi on BCCI Secretary and Asian Cricket Council President Jay Shah.

He has alleged that Jay Shah did not allow the matches to be organized either in Pakistan or in Dubai due to political reasons related to his father Amit Shah's Bharatiya Janata Party.

However, it is important to know here that it was during the presidency of Najam Sethi that the Pakistan Cricket Board had accepted the proposal of hosting the Asia Cup with Sri Lanka.

Najam Sethi tweeted, “Only Jay Shah can explain why the option of hosting the Asia Cup in Dubai or Pakistan was rejected and why Sri Lanka was included in the hosting despite all the reasons and logic. We are seeing that the centers that have been selected in Sri Lanka are also proving to be a problem.

After Najam Sethi's tweet, the dispute between the two boards seems to be deepening.

Only match in entire Asia Cup for which a reserve day has been kept

Meanwhile, the PCB has said on social media platforms that Monday, September 11, will be a reserve day. At present, this is the only match in the entire Asia Cup for which a reserve day has been kept.

Reserve day means that if the match between India and Pakistan on Sunday, 10th September is interrupted due to any reason then it will be completed on Monday.

The dispute between the two cricket boards started when Pakistan got the right to host the Asia Cup.

The Indian board refused to send its team to Pakistan citing the safety of its players.

Under this pressure, the Pakistan Cricket Board proposed to hold some matches of this tournament in Dubai. But this proposal was also not liked by the Indian Cricket Board.

Actually, these days there is rainy season in Kandy and Colombo of Sri Lanka. Whereas the weather in Hambantota and Dambulla is comparatively better.

No good hotels at Hambantota and Dambulla 

But matches could not be held at these 2 places because reportedly there are no good hotels at these places.

This is the reason why matches are being organized in rain affected centers i.e. Colombo and Kandy.

However, this entire argument does not hold. Because in 2005, the Indian cricket team had played the entire tri-series tournament in Dambulla and no complaint was made by the team regarding the facilities.

Compared to 2005, after 18 years the situation in terms of basic facilities has only improved.

The Indian team's complaint regarding Hambantota may be justified as the stadium is in a forest area and the team may have to cover a long distance to reach the hotel.

But on the other hand, it should also have been noted that no matches are organized in Colombo and Kandy during the month of August and half of September due to rain.

This aspect should have been put forward by the Sri Lankan Cricket Board earlier, at least the current situation could have been avoided.

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