25 Sept 2023

Bhopal: PM Modi Targets Congress, Says It Is Like Rusted Iron Which Gets Destroyed If Kept In Open

Bhopal: PM Narendra Modi targeted the Congress the whole time during the BJP workers Mahakumbh in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. He said that Congress's politics flourishes in scarcity. Congress created such a system that the poor always have to remain deprived. Congress also used to give the benefits of its schemes to those people from whom it gets votes. 

Modi said Congress deliberately kept the country poor. He said BJP is continuously working to ensure that you and your future generations do not have to face the troubles that your parents and earlier generations faced. Congress had given the slogan of eradicating poverty 50 years ago, did Congress fulfill its promise?

Oppn did not allow women's reservation bill to be passed for 30 years

PM Modi said that the role of workers has become important. Those who will vote for the first time this time have seen only BJP government in Madhya Pradesh. They are fortunate that they did not see the misrule of Congress in Madhya Pradesh. The identity of Congress in Madhya Pradesh was political misgovernance and corruption worth crores. Congress made resource rich Madhya Pradesh bimaru or sick.

Youth here have only seen development of MP

The youth here have not seen the poor law and order situation, dilapidated roads, villages and cities forced to live in darkness during the Congress era. In its every tenure, BJP worked to take Madhya Pradesh to new heights. The youth here have only seen the development of Madhya Pradesh. They saw Madhya Pradesh as the leading wheat producing state in the country. Therefore the coming elections are very important.

We have to take care that the vehicle of development does not go off the road and does not go astray. When Congress got an opportunity in Maharashtra and Rajasthan, the first thing they did was loot.


Cong will again make MP sick

Today investments are coming to India from all over the world. Thhey are coming in different states. This is the time to make Madhya Pradesh a developed Madhya Pradesh. In such an important time, if the Congress, which is involved in scams and doing vote bank politics, gets even the slightest opportunity, then it will cause huge loss to Madhya Pradesh. Congress ruined every state it went to.

Congress will once again make Madhya Pradesh sick. Do you want to make Madhya Pradesh sick again? Do you want to ruin the future of the youth of Madhya Pradesh? Congress has no ideas left. Congress is like rusty iron which gets destroyed if kept in the open.

Cong does not like nation's achievements

Congress has no interest in protecting the interest of the country. Looking at the crowd, the PM said, “Your love is my strength.” 

PM said, you will remember that Congress opposed Digital India. Record digital transactions are taking place in India today. BJP is building modern roads, wide highways, expressways, but Congress criticizes them. BJP is bringing modern trains like Vande Bharat. Rejuvenating the stations. Congress is not able to digest this.

The BJP government built a new grand Parliament building. Congress is also opposing this. The whole country is praising it. Congressmen spread negativity. Whatever achievements India makes, Congress does not like them. 

Modi said when the name of the country is glorified, people feel happy but Congress is not happy. Because Congress neither wants to change itself nor does it want to allow the country to change. The country is working hard to move towards prosperity. Congress wants to take the country to the 20th century.

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