26 Sept 2023

Bhopal Metro: Safety Trial Runs Commence; Final Trial Run Likely On Oct 2

Bhopal: After the completion of the connectivity and testing process at the metro depot located in Subhash Nagar, Bhopal, the coaches have come on the track. 

A kilometer-long safety trial run of the Bhopal Metro on Monday marked the first movement of ambitious public transport network with a promise of new beginning for the project that offers to deliver a modern transport for city’s resident.

Metro's safety trial runs will continue in the days to come. Metro will run between Subhash Nagar and RKMP station. During this time the horn will also sound. A final trial run of the train is likely tobe conducted on the test track and viaduct along with safety tests and other necessary checks on October 2. CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan will not only flag off the final trial run, but is also likely to travel by metro.

The trial run of 4 km of Bhopal metro rail’s Priority Corridor promises to be a significant stride towards achieving seamless connectivity in the state capital.

The work of connecting and testing metro coaches continued 24 hours a day in three shifts at Subhash Nagar depot. Apart from Metro Rail, employees of Alstom Transport India Limited, which manufactures Metro, are also present here.

8 stations in Priority Corridor

There are a total of eight stations in the Priority Corridor. These include AIIMS Hospital, Alkapuri, DRM Office, Rani Kamlapati Railway Station, Sargam Talkies, DB Mall, Kendriya School and Subhash Nagar Station. The trial run will be done from Subhash Nagar station to RKMP station in about three and a half kilometers..

The coaches had reached Bhopal on the night of 17 September. On September 18, they were brought to the Inspection Bay Line (IBL) built in the depot. After this, a team of more than 50 people including senior engineers, technical experts, supervisors were engaged in connecting and testing the coaches. After completion of this work, metro coaches were seen running on the metro track on Monday. Now from Tuesday it will be seen running from Subhash Nagar to RKMP station.

50 passengers can sit in a coach

Each coach of the metro train is 22 meters long and 2.9 meters wide. About 50 passengers can sit in a metro coach. At the same time, it has the capacity to stand for 300 passengers. Other features include: Cyber Security Features in Train Control and Management System (TCMS), Intelligent CCTV System (ICCTV) and grab handle for holding along with LEDPanel/Digital Route Map and Signage and air conditioned coaches.

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