9 Sept 2023

Handicrafts And Tribal Arts Of Madhya Pradesh Allure Visitors At G20 Crafts Bazaar At Bharat Mandapam


New Delhi: A wide range of fascinating handicrafts and tribal artifacts of Madhya Pradesh are on display at the Crafts Bazaar of Bharat Mandapam for the foreign delegates and others attending the G20 Summit. 


Famous and popular crafts of the state are also being displayed under One District-One Product in the Madhya Pradesh Pavilion of this craft market being held on September 9 and 10, 2023.

Arrangements have been made for the exhibition and sale of Chanderi Saris, Maheshwari Saris, Bagh and boutique prints, Sidhi carpets, iron crafts and metal artifacts, Gond paintings, jute carry bags, file covers, leather bags, bamboo mats, zari work etc in the pavilion.

The pavilion has national and international card swipe facilities for digital payments. The purchased products will be packed in eco-friendly paper bags. A Forex counter has also been set up in the craft market, courtesy of State Bank of India.


TRIFED's Tribes India Pavilion

Gond paintings, Maheshwari Saris and Bhil jewellery of Madhya Pradesh are also being displayed in TRIFED's Tribes India Pavilion in the crafts market. Padma Shri awardee for the year 2023, Paresh Rathwa is giving a live demonstration of the ritualistic Pithora painting of Bhil, Bhilala, Nayak and Rathwa tribes in this pavilion.

Live demo of 12 different processes of Nandana Block Prints

In the state pavilion, a live demonstration of 12 different processes of Nandana Block Prints, the famous hand block printing art of Tarapur, is also being made by Pawan Jharia, who was awarded the National Award for the year 2017.

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