1 Sept 2023

Jammu-based Businessman Educationist Rupesh Masson Tells Why He Purchased Plot On Moon

Jammu: Quoting Prime Minister Narendra Modi from his address on the successful launch of ‘Chandrayan-3’, "Chanda Mama Bas Ek Tour Ke," and inspired by ISRO’s  Moon Mission, a prominent businessman and educationist from Jammu, Rupesh Masson, has purchased land on the moon.

Masson, who is the Regional Director of UCMAS for J&K and Leh, has purchased the land patch on Luna Earth's Moon, Tract 55-Parcel 10772, known as Lacus Felicitatis "Lake of Happiness", located at 18.72° North Latitude, 5.02" East Longitude.

"The land was purchased via the Lunar Registry in New York City and certified on August 25, 2023," Masson said.

'It is reflection of our quest to see what lies beyond'

"Ideas of occupying space on the moon are a reflection of our quest to see what lies beyond, which is itself a reflection of our quest for deeper meaning within ourselves," he stated.

He said that a plot on the moon is either a token of hope in a future when plots on the moon will have meaning or a cost-effective psychological escape devise for the person confronting climate change, sickness, and a future of intensifying scarcity here at home.

"By forming a tangible connection with a different future, this kind of purchase is satisfying a need for some sense of some degree of preparedness for a different future," he said.

675 very well-known celebrities own moon real estate

He said that around 675 very well-known celebrities, including three former Presidents of the United States of America, are now extraterrestrial property owners and own moon real estate, which inspired him to register the plot.

He said that approximately 15 main actors from the original Star Trek series, as well as the Next Generation and Voyager series, besides former US presidents George H.W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, and Ronald Reagan, are among the owners of land on the moon.

"Late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput had also bought land on the moon in the year 2018 in the 'Sea of Muscovy, while Rajeev V Bagdi purchased the plot of land in 2003, and actor Shah Rukh Khan is also known to have been gifted land on the moon," he added.

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