3 Sept 2023

Madhya Pradesh: Cops Manhandle Selected Patwari Candidates In Bhopal; Sajjan Singh Verma Said This

Bhopal: The police removed the selected Patwaris who were sitting on dharna in Neelam Park, Bhopal, and took them away to some other location in their vehicle. A video of this incident has gone viral, in which policemen are seen kicking and punching the selected youth.

Police said that the selected Patwaris had not taken permission for holding the protest. They are being shifted to other places to maintain law and order. Police said arrests have not been made.

Selected patwaris had reached Bhopal in large numbers on Sunday. Their main demand is that they should be given appointment. The selected candidates said that the appointment process. If anyone is found guilty, they should be identified and action should be taken against them. Candidates who have been placed in the waiting list should be appointed in their place.

Agitating patwari candidates said affidavits should be taken from all newly appointed candidates. There should be a provision for consent to face punitive action if found guilty. They said that as per point 13(3) of the rule book of Group 2, Sub Group 4 and Patwari Recruitment Examination, considering the provision of giving appointment within a period of 90 days from the publication of the result, the appointment process should be completed in the month of September.

Leader of Opposition writes to CM

Leader of Opposition Dr Govind Singh has written a letter to Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan. He has demanded to give appointment to the candidates of Patwari recruitment examination soon. Singh said the appointment process has been stopped. It was said that the investigation report of the recruitment scam would come by 31 August 2023. But due to the report not coming till 31st August, the appointment process of all the hard-working selected students is not completed and their family members are under a lot of stress.

Appointment process stopped


The result of Patwari recruitment exam came on 30th June and they were to be given appointment by 15th August. The checking of documents was to be done from 17th August. Meanwhile, this process was stopped due to suspicion regarding some candidates. Therefore about 8600 selected Patwaris from across the state are waiting for their appointment. But the investigation report has not come yet. Due to which appointments are not being given.

Selected Patwaris will be posted if Cong comes to power: Sajjan Singh Verma

Former cabinet minister of the state and senior Congress leader Sajjan Singh Verma participated in the agitation being conducted in Bhopal regarding the posting of candidates selected in the Patwari examination in the state. Verma said that as soon as the Congress government is formed in Madhya Pradesh, the Kamal Nath government will first issue orders regarding the appopintment of the post of selected Patwaris. Verma said that this file will be signed first in the first cabinet meeting.

Verma said that students of the state, who passed this examination on the basis of their hard work are today pleading to the government for their posting. On the other hand in the case of the students who came in the top list from the BJP MLA's college, the government has not done anything till now.


Verma said that if the CM had been honest, he would have got the scam investigated within a week, but till date the government has done nothing. On the contrary, thousands of students who passed the examination are stressed and feeling cheated today. They are protesting in the scorching heat in Bhopal. I want to assure everyone that as soon as Congress forms the government, we will first give joining to these selected students.

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