27 Sept 2023

Madhya Pradesh: Minor's Brutal Rape In Ujjain Sends Shock Waves Across State; Child Kept Wandering For Hours On Road

Ujjain: A case of rape of a 12 year old girl has come to light in Ujjain. The girl was found in an injured state on Monday evening near Dandi Ashram on Badnagar Road in Mahakal police station area. Her clothes were stained with blood.

In Bhopal, citizens and social activists staged protest against the barbaric incident. Opposition Congress also targeted the government over the incident. 

Girl kept wandering for two and a half hours 

The girl kept wandering for two and a half hours in the colonies of Sanvarakhedi Simhastha Bypass in half-dressed clothes. Its CCTV footage has been retrieved by the police. She walked the full eight kilometres. There are serious injuries on her private parts. The child told the police that her mother has also been abused, but where is her mother and how did she reach Ujjain? She is unable to tell anything about this.

Due to excessive bleeding the girl had to be admitted to Indore hospital. There she was given a blood transfusion, the girl is now out of danger. Doctors confirmed rape.

Ujjain SP Sachin Sharma told that the girl is probably a resident of Prayagraj (UP). The girl is not able to tell much about where the incident happened.

Congress has once again cornered the BJP government on this incident. Home Minister Narottam Mishra said that SIT has been formed to investigate the matter. A suspect has been detained. Strict action will be taken on the basis of investigation.

Superintendent of Police (SP) Sachin Sharma said a girl, aged around 12 years, was found bleeding on a street located under the Mahakal police station area in Ujjain on Monday. She was taken to a hospital, where her initial medical examination confirmed that she had been raped.

"The girl is possibly a resident of Uttar Pradesh. She neither possesses any identity card nor is she able to tell her name, age and address to the police properly," he said.

Girl taken to Indore

As the minor's condition was serious, she was taken to a government hospital in Indore on Tuesday for further medical treatment, the SP said.

A case was registered at the Mahakal police station and an investigation into the incident is underway, he added, he said.

State home minister Mishra said the treatment of the rape survivor is underway and she is out of danger.

"The girl seems to be from some area outside Ujjain. Since she is not able to respond properly regarding the incident, efforts are being made to talk to her with the help of experts and counsellors," he said.

Kamal Nath demands Rs 1 cr compensation


Meanwhile, Madhya Pradesh Congress chief Kamal Nath demanded that the victim be given financial assistance of Rs 1 crore and that the accused in the case be given the strictest possible punishment.

Nath tweeted: "It is heart-wrenching to see the case of extremely cruel rape of a little girl in Ujjain. The kind of heinous crime committed against the 12-year-old daughter and the way she ran around in many areas of the city in a semi-nude condition and before falling unconscious on the road, puts humanity to shame,"

The Congress leader said that the rule of law has ended in Madhya Pradesh and criminals are roaming free while the people are in trouble.

Asked about the attacks by the Congress against the BJP government in the state over this incident, the minister Mishra retorted, "Will you need a certificate from the Congress?" 


On the other hand, Congress general secretary Randeep Singh Surjewala, on his X account, termed the incident more heinous than the 2012 Nirbhaya case.

Alleging that eight rape incidents occur every day in Madhya Pradesh, Surjewala said that the BJP government, which "cannot do justice to an innocent 12 year old girl does not have the right to remain in power even for a moment."

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