14 Sept 2023

Madhya Pradesh to play a pivotal role in bringing India among world’s top 3 economies: PM Modi



Bina (Sagar): Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of development projects worth more than Rs. 50,700 crore in Bina, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh today on Thursday. 


The projects include the Petrochemical Complex at Bina Refinery of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) to be developed at a cost of about Rs. 49,000 crores; a Power and Renewable Energy Manufacturing Zone in Narmadapuram district; two IT parks in Indore; a Mega Industrial Park in Ratlam; and six new industrial areas across Madhya Pradesh. New industrial centers will ve developed in six cities – Shajapur, Guna, Mandsaur, Agar-Malwa, Narmadapuram, and Maksi.

PM Modi has said that India rapidly moving towards an objective of joining the top 3 economies in the world. Madhya Pradesh has a significant role to play in achieving this goal. We have ambitious plans for Madhya Pradesh for the coming five years and it will touch new heights of development.

PM greeted the people from an open jeep

Earlier, PM Modi, along with CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Member of Parliament V.D. Sharma, greeted the people from an open jeep before reaching the stage. They also took round of an exhibition showcasing the construction of the petrochemical complex at the event venue. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan presented Prime Minister Shri Modi with a bouquet and a replica of the Sanchi Stupa.

Success of G-20 has elevated India's status

PM Modi said that the success of the G-20 has elevated India's status globally, with the name of G-20 now echoing in the voices of children in every village. He credited the success of G-20 not to people of the country, emphasizing it as a result of India's collective strength. The successful organization of G-20 meetings in Bhopal, Indore, and Khajuraho also played a crucial role, with Madhya Pradesh's significant contribution, for which he commended Shivraj's team.

India becoming self-reliant during Amrit Kaal

PM Modi highlighted the importance of India becoming self-reliant during the Amrit Kaal of Independence. He noted that inaugurating a petrochemical unit in this sector will assist India in achieving self-reliance, reducing its dependence on other countries for diesel, petrol, and petrochemical materials. These projects will lead to regional development, the emergence of new industries, and employment opportunities for farmers, small entrepreneurs, and a large number of young people.

India is emerging as a global leader

PM Modi emphasized that India is emerging as a global leader, capable of uniting the world, and this ability is rooted in its ancient culture that has connected the country for thousands of years. He acknowledged the contributions of various historical figures and stressed the need to protect this heritage against forces attempting to undermine it.

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