14 Sept 2023

Putin Discussed Military Cooperation In Meeting With North Korea Leader Kim Jong Un

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has met Russian President Vladimir Putin. It was being said that in this meeting both the countries could sign an agreement for the purchase of arms.

According to Russian state media, after the meeting at the Vostochny Cosmodrome Space Centre in the east of Russia, Kim Jong Un has started his train journey back to North Korea.

The choice to meet at Vostochny Cosmodrome - a symbol of Russia's ambitions as a space power - was notable, as North Korea twice failed to launch reconnaissance satellites in the past four months.

In his opening remarks, Putin welcomed Kim to Russia and said he was glad to see him, saying the talks would cover economic cooperation, humanitarian issues and the 'situation in the region'.

Russia to help N Korea in making satellite

After the talks, Russian President Putin indicated that the possibilities of military cooperation were discussed between the two leaders. Russia has also indicated that it will help North Korea in making satellites.

Both countries have rejected America's claims that Russia and North Korea will make an arms deal to help Russia in the Ukraine war.

It is being told that apart from help in making satellite, the dictator of North Korea has also asked for help in supply of food grains for his country. This meeting between the top leadership of Russia and North Korea took place at a time when relations between both countries with the West are at their lowest level.

Hailing the historical relations between the two countries, Putin said that one old friend is better than two new friends.

Asked whether Russia would help North Korea build satellites, Putin said, "That's why we have come to this space center."

Earlier this year, North Korea had twice tried unsuccessfully to launch a spy satellite. North Korea has been expressing its commitment to launch such satellites for surveillance.

Kim Jong Un supported Russia on war in Ukraine

On the other hand, during today's meeting, Kim Jong Un was seen supporting Russia on the war in Ukraine.

At the meeting, Kim told Putin, "Russia is fighting a holy war for its sovereignty and security. We will always support President Putin and the Russian leadership. We will fight imperialism together."

On Tuesday, US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller reiterated that any agreement on arms purchase between the two countries would be a violation of UN resolutions.

He had said, "If this happens, we will not hesitate to take action against it."

Kim had travelled to Russia in a special armoured train

Kim had travelled to Russia in a special armoured train, following a tradition begun by his predecessors.

The Kremlin, the Russian President's office, said that North Korea and its interests are more important and they do not care about America's warnings.

But Russia has also signed UN resolutions, so Putin was a little cautious on Wednesday and said that there are some limits to military cooperation.

This is Kim Jong Un's first foreign tour after 2019. Last time also Kim had reached  only Russia.

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