19 Oct 2023

Bhopal News: Daily Diet Of Bully Dog Sultan Killed By Trainer Cost Rs 3-4000, Sultan Could Pull Bolero Car

Bhopal: In Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, a distressing incident involving the alleged hanging of a pet Bully dog Sultan has come to light. Following a complaint filed by the dog's owner, Sultan, a case has been registered against three individuals, including the dog's trainer. 

Sultan, an expensive Pakistani breed dog, was accustomed to luxurious baths using high-end shampoo. In the wake of Sultan's demise, a request has been made to exhume his remains for a thorough investigation into this alleged act of cruelty.

Sultan was capable of pulling a Bolero car

Sultan's daily diet included fresh mutton, with the cost of his meals ranging from 3,000 to 4,000 rupees. Sultan was exceptionally strong, capable of pulling a Bolero car. His pampered dietary regimen included special liquid chicken gravy valued at 1,200 rupees per kilogram.

Sultan also enjoyed exclusive grooming

Sultan also enjoyed exclusive grooming, complete with costly shampoos, sprays, and tick repellents to prevent infections.

Bully dog breed resides in hilly regions

Sultan belonged to the Pakistani bully dog breed, known for residing in hilly regions and having long, robust bodies. These dogs are renowned for their heightened aggression, often referred to as hunting dogs. Typically, animal enthusiasts prefer to keep them outdoors, on farms and the like, rather than as indoor pets. Their average lifespan is estimated to be around 14 to 15 years.

Sultan was sent to Bhopal for training in May

Sultan was sent to Bhopal for training in May by liquor businessman Nikhil Jaiswal, a resident of Kalapeepal in Shajapur district. The training expenses amounted to approximately 13,000 rupees per month. The trainer, Ravi Kushwaha, had promised to train this Pakistani bully dog in four months, but instead, news of the dog's death emerged. A complaint has been filed to investigate this matter.

Distressing video of dog's hanging has surfaced

A distressing video of the dog's hanging has surfaced, depicting a man and a woman clearly involved in hanging the dog by securing a rope around its neck. The dog struggled for an extended period during this incident. This video is considered the primary evidence of Sultan's death and cruelty, leading to the registration of a case under sections 429, 201, and 11 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act of 1960.

However, the accused persons in this case maintain that the dog had exhibited violent behavior, and their intention was to control its conduct by tying it as part of its training. Regrettably, the dog lost its life during this process due to strangulation, the accused said.

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