23 Oct 2023

Gujarat: 17 and 13 year olds among 10 die while participating in Garba festivities in state

During the Navratri festivities in Gujarat's Kapadvanj Kheda district, Veer Shah, a seventeen-year-old, was participating in the Garba dance. However, he abruptly complained of dizziness and lost consciousness. Swiftly, he received initial medical attention and was urgently transported to the hospital, where he was tragically pronounced dead.

Veer's passing occurred on the sixth day of Navratri, which saw a disturbing trend of similar incidents in the state. Shockingly, victims, including a 13-year-old boy from Dabhoi, Baroda, were affected by these sudden health issues.

Veer suffered a sudden cardiac arrest 

Medical professionals explained that Veer suffered a sudden cardiac arrest while partaking in the Garba dance. 

Dr. Aayush Patel, MD Medicine, who provided details of the incident, stated, "Volunteers at the scene promptly administered cardio-respiratory resuscitation, closely monitoring his vital signs. Regrettably, there was no detectable pulse or signs of respiration. Extensive Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) was administered through three cycles before transferring him to the hospital. Despite our efforts, he could not be revived."

108 emergency services received 521 calls related to heart-related issues

Disturbingly, Veer was one of ten individuals who lost their lives while participating in Garba during the 24-hour period of Navratri celebrations in Gujarat, according to media reports.

Among these casualties was a 28-year-old named Ravi Panchal from Ahmedabad, who tragically collapsed during Garba and passed away on the same fateful Friday night. Another victim, a 55-year-old named Shankar Rana, suffered a similar fate while dancing to the tunes in Vadodara.

Reports indicate that the 108 emergency ambulance services in Gujarat received 521 calls related to heart-related issues and an additional 609 calls for breathlessness during the initial six days of Navratri. This distressing trend underscores the importance of health and safety during festive celebrations.

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