23 Oct 2023

Israel-Palestine War: Israel's conflict with Hezbollah could escalate; Al Zahra turn into debris in Israel bombing

There are continuous attacks on Israel from Lebanon. The Israeli army is retaliating. According to the Times of Israel, on October 22, Israel's communication tower was attacked from Lebanon. At the same time, Israel retaliated today and destroyed 3 positions of Hezbollah.

After this, the fear of a war between Israel and Hezbollah has increased. The Israel-Hamas war also started in a similar way. Using drones, Hamas fighters destroyed Israeli army surveillance cameras and communication towers on the Gaza border and the fighters were successful in entering the Israeli border.

In view of the threat of war between Israel and Hezbollah, Israel has evacuated 13 villages from the Lebanon border. At the same time, Lebanese organization Hezbollah said that since October 7, 14 of their members have been killed.

Residential towers of Al Zahra turn into debris in Israel bombing

The residential towers of Al Zahra, located in the center of Gaza, turned into a pile of debris in Isrtael bombing.

Israel razed to the ground at least 25 residential multi-storey buildings in this peaceful and prosperous area through air strikes in one night.

Umm Salim al-Safin, a woman who lost her home, tearfully told that the Israeli army had asked her to vacate her house by 8:30 pm on October 19.

Al Safin said, “After this they bombed the area continuously from 9 pm to 7 am on Friday.”

She said that there were 20 apartments in his building and families lived in all of them. Now they have no place to live.

Another woman, who lost her house, said, “We common people are living peacefully in our homes. Why are they bombing us? What have we done?”

After the attack on these towers of Al Zahra, about 5000 people have become homeless. Millions of people have already been displaced from Gaza since the war broke out.

A resident, who lost his home, says this is 'genocide'. He said that some families did not come out and were buried under the debris.

People start returning to North Gaza again

This is the 17th day of the Israel-Hamas war. The United Nations has said that amid the ongoing bombardment all around Gaza, people have started returning to North Gaza again. They are not afraid of the warnings from Israel. In fact, Israel had said that those who do not vacate North Gaza will also be considered terrorists.

Over 400 people died in Israeli bombing in 24 hrs

In the last 24 hours, more than 400 people have died in the Israeli bombardment in Gaza. The Israeli army has heavily bombed 25 places in southern Gaza, including Rafah and Jabalia camps. So far, bodies of 30 people have been recovered from Jabalia. Most of the dead are women and children.

Israeli soldiers clash with Hamas fighters for first time

At the same time, for the first time, Israeli soldiers who entered Gaza for raid have clashed with Hamas fighters. Hamas fired anti-tank missiles at soldiers who entered to search for captured Israelis.

During this time an Israeli soldier died. Hamas has claimed that Israeli soldiers who entered the Gaza Strip left their tanks and other military vehicles and fled back.

Meanwhile, a journalist named Roshdi Sairaj was killed in an Israeli airstrike in Gaza City on Sunday. A total of 19 journalists have been killed in Gaza since October 7. 

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