13 Oct 2023

Health And Beauty Tips: Do You Avoid Sitting On Floor? But Are You Aware Of Its Health Benefits?

For years, we've understood the health risks associated with prolonged sitting – stiff joints, increased disease susceptibility, and shortened lifespans. Shockingly, the World Health Organization suggests that millions of people die prematurely every year due to sedentary lifestyles.

Choosing to sit on the floor is a good move that can potentially mitigate the adverse effects of prolonged chair-sitting. But it's not merely about the act of sitting; it's a slightly more complex practice with numerous benefits.

In our modern age, where computers and smartphones dominate, most educated professionals spend extensive hours in chairs. Even leisure activities often involve reclining on the couches. However, sitting for extended periods, particularly in a static position, can lead to lower back discomfort, tightened hip flexors, and other health issues.

Floor sitting can alleviate neck, shoulder, and spine pain

Experts say that our spinal cord gets the biggest benefit from sitting on floor. People think that their spine is straight whereas it is in S shape. Often there is pain due to sitting in wrong posture. You can get relief from pain by sitting straight on the ground for a few minutes.

Regular floor sitting can yield a multitude of advantages. Experts concur that sitting on the floor engages core and back muscles often neglected in chair sitting. Over time, floor sitting can alleviate neck, shoulder, and spine pain.

Floor sitting encourages proper posture

Floor sitting encourages proper posture as it naturally positions your lower back in a supportive stance when your legs are crossed. This engagement of core muscles prevents discomfort stemming from poor posture.

Moreover, sitting on the floor necessitates stretching various muscle groups to maintain stability, thus enhancing flexibility and expanding your range of motion while minimizing discomfort.

Spending time lying on the floor can offer some benefits

Even reclining on the floor has its merits. Similar to floor sitting, lying on the floor can alleviate spinal tension, enhancing posture, flexibility in the hips, lower back, and joint health.

The more you sit on the floor, the easier it may become for you to rise from that position, which in turn could potentially influence your longevity.

Incorrect posture can lead to back and neck pain

It's important to be mindful of proper floor-sitting techniques, as incorrect posture can lead to back and neck pain, shoulder and hip tightness, and awkward positioning. Avoid twisted or uneven positions, as they strain the lower back, and steer clear of rounding your spine, which can cause tension in the neck, shoulders, and lower back.

Some sitting positions that are better than others. If you have decided to give floor sitting a try, there are some sitting positions that are better than others.

Sitting with your legs folded underneath your body and the tops of your feet on the floor is considered one of the best positions because it helps maintain proper spinal alignment. Additionally, leaning back against a wall or cushion can help support your lower back while keeping the spine neutral.

In conclusion, if you spend long hours seated, floor sitting offers a valuable alternative. You can incorporate it into various activities, such as playing with your pet, reading a book, or scrolling on your phone. Embrace the change and experience the numerous health benefits of breaking free from a sedentary lifestyle by sitting on the floor.

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