14 Oct 2023

Israel-Palestine War: How Dangerous Are Phosphorus Weapons Allegedly Used By Israel In Gaza, Lebanon

Tel Aviv: Israel's bombing continues in Gaza. According to the Israeli army, it has dropped about 6000 bombs on Gaza in five days.

Human rights organization Human Rights Watch has said that Israel is using white phosphorus in its military actions in Gaza and Lebanon. According to Human Rights Watch, use of such weapons can cause serious injuries to people.

Human Rights Watch says the use of white phosphorus in Gaza, one of the world's most densely populated areas, increases the risk to civilians and violates international humanitarian law.

When the Israeli Army was asked about these allegations, it said that at present it has no information about the use of white phosphorus weapons in Gaza. The Israeli army did not comment on the use of such weapons in Lebanon.

We have verified videos: Human Rights Watch

However, Human Rights Watch said it had verified videos taken in Lebanon on October 10 and Gaza on October 11 that showed several shells of white phosphorus fired from artillery at the Gaza City port and two rural areas near the Israel-Lebanon border. Aerial explosions were seen.

“Whenever white phosphorus is used in crowded civilian areas, it risks severe burns and lifelong pain,” says Lama Fakih, Middle East and North Africa director at Human Rights Watch.

Human Rights Watch provided links to two videos posted on social media that it said show "155mm white phosphorus artillery projectiles being used, apparently as smokescreens, marking, or signaling". Both show scenes near the Israel-Lebanon border, it said.

The group did not provide links to videos showing their alleged use in Gaza. Palestinian TV channels have broadcast video in recent days showing thin plumes of white smoke lining the sky over Gaza that they say was caused by such ammunitions.

Causes terrible injuries to humans

White phosphorus is known for its flammable properties. It is a chemical substance which burns when it comes in contact with oxygen. It is used in artillery shells, bombs and rockets.

Once white phosphorus comes in contact with oxygen, a chemical reaction produces intense heat of up to 815 degrees Celsius. White phosphorus burns producing light and thick smoke which is used in military operations. But when white phosphorus comes in contact with humans it causes terrible injuries.

It can cause devastating fires and destroy buildings, infrastructure and cause widespread damage.

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