8 Oct 2023

Karnataka: Fire in Bengaluru Firecracker Warehouse: 12 Die, Many Hurt After Massive Explosion

Bengaluru: A tragic accident has taken place in Anekal tehsil of Bengaluru, Karnataka. A massive explosion took place in a firecracker warehouse in Attibele area here on Saturday. About 12 people are reported to have died in this blast. While many people have been injured. 

The fire reportedly started during the unloading of firecrackers at the Balaji Crackers warehouse in Attibele. Many people were also injured in the incident, including the truck driver and the owner of the shop. At the time of the blaze, around 20 people were working in the warehouse, with some still missing.

The fire was so intense that it took several hours to bring it under control. The warehouse contained an estimated Rs 5 crore worth of firecrackers, which contributed to the ferocity and longevity of the fire. The cause of the fire is still under investigation, but it is suspected to have been caused by the spark of an electric wire.

The injured were admitted to a nearby hospital, where their treatment is ongoing. The deceased have not been identified yet.

Police officials said that a small spark broke out in the Balaji Crackers factory. Due to which a big explosion occurred. There were 20 employees there at the time of the incident, out of which 12 died, while many were injured.

This incident comes just days after a similar fire at a firecracker warehouse in Haveri district, Karnataka, which resulted in three deaths.

 In another incident, a blast at a firecracker store in Krishnagiri district, Tamil Nadu, caused eight deaths. Although the exact cause of these incidents is still unknown, they have raised questions about the safety measures in place for the storage and handling of firecrackers in India.

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