9 Oct 2023

Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election-2023: Scuffle Breaks Out As Deputy Collector Nisha Bangre's Nyaya Yatra Reaches Bhopal

Bhopal: Chhatarpur Deputy Collector Nisha Bangre was reportedly manhandled when police officers forcibly apprehended her during her 'Nyay Pad Yatra' in Bhopal on Monday. In the course of the police confrontation, her clothes were torn.

Bangre had been undertaking a march on foot from Amla to Bhopal, urging the government to accept her resignation as she aspires to run for elections. On Monday afternoon, as she arrived at Bhopal's Board Square to pay tribute to Dr. Ambedkar's statue, accompanied by several Congress leaders, the police personnel swiftly intervened and allegedly used force to compel her into a police vehicle. During this incident, her clothing was torn.

Nisha had planned to go to CM House

Nisha had planned to go to CM House. Before going to CM House, when she reached the Board Office intersection this morning to garland the statue of Ambedkar, there was an altercation between the police and Nisha's supporters. After this the police took her into custody. Nisha was going to fast unto death at CM House.

Resignation has not been accepted even after 3 months

Actually, Nisha wants to contest elections from the Amla assembly seat. For this she has resigned from his post but even after more than three months have passed, the government has not accepted her resignation. In such a situation, Nisha has set out on a Nyaya Yatra. She started her yatra from Amla on 28 September. Heryatra reached Bhopal via Bori, Sarani, Salaiya, Shahpur, Kesla, Narmadapuram, Salkanpur, Budhni, Shahganj, Obdullahaganj and Mandideep.

Congressmen also arrived to support

Congress workers also reached the Board Office intersection in large numbers to support Nisha. Many Congress workers including former minister PC Sharma, District President Monu Saxena were present among them. The police also arrested them. Nisha alleges that the Shivraj government is doing injustice to her. Even after more than 3 months have passed, her resignation is not being accepted.

Nisha said that on one hand the BJP government talks about giving reservation to women in politics, on the other hand when an educated woman wants to enter politics and contest elections, she is being stopped. In such a situation, she had to set out on this yatra for justice.

KK Mishra targeted govt

Congress spokesperson KK Mishra posted on social media on the arrest of Nisha Bangre and wrote, 'This is the government of BJP and state chief Shivraj Singh ji. They are allegedly in favor of women's reservation!! A Dalit woman Deputy Collector Nisha Bangre ji, who has resigned from her job, the government is not accepting resignation, today she took out a march to request it to be accepted in a Gandhian way.. Even Baba Saheb Ambedkar was insulted  by police at Board Office Square!!'

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