25 Oct 2023

Madhya Pradesh elections-2023: Nitish Kumar's JDU also fields candidates on 5 seats; blow to INDIA alliance?

Bhopal: Almost all political parties are registering their presence in Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections-2023. For this reason, more and more parties are announcing the names of their candidates. The impact of this announcement seems to be on INDIA Alliance the most. 

There was already a lot of controversy regarding the alliance between Congress and Samajwadi Party. SP chief Akhilesh Yadav had even said that Congress had betrayed SP. Meanwhile, Nitish Kumar's party Janata Dal (United) has also announced its candidates in Madhya Pradesh elections.

JDU has announced candidates on 5 seats

Janata Dal (United) has fielded its candidates on 5 seats for Madhya Pradesh elections. In this, Chandrapal Yadav has been fielded from Pichhor, Ramkunwar (Rani) Raikwar from Rajnagar, Shivnarayan Soni from Vijayraghavgarh, Tol Singh Bhuria from Thandla seat and Rameshwar Singhar from Petlawad.

As the chief convener of India Alliance, initially Nitish Kumar was trying to unite all the anti-BJP parties. His own party leaders were calling him a candidate for the Prime Minister's race. The decision of Nitish Kumar's party to field its candidates in the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections is believed to be a big setback for the INDIA alliance. 

Till now, there has been no news of JDU contesting the assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh. But a dispute over seat sharing came to light between Congress and Samajwadi Party. After that suddenly JDU has also fielded its candidates on 5 seats. Obviously this is indicating a break in the INDIA Alliance.

BJP taunts JDU

Politics has heated up after Nitish Kumar's party fielded candidates in Madhya Pradesh. After the release of the first list of five candidates, BJP has taken a dig at JDU. Bihar BJP State Vice President Santosh Pathak said that Nitish Kumar's patience broke because his party JDU has not got preference in any alliance. In such a situation, when JDU is being bypassed, they are now announcing their candidates. BJP is claiming that by the time of Lok Sabha elections, the INDIA alliance will completely collapse, which is already cracked.

Clarification came from JDU and RJD

After being targeted by BJP, the first reaction has also come from JDU. Giving clarification, Bihar JDU state spokesperson Rahul Kumar said that his party has announced candidates in MP only for the purpose of organization and electoral expansion. JDU wants to see its strength in MP assembly elections. He said that those who are raising questions on this are only doing politics of statements. JDU also says that there should be no harm in entering the electoral fray for political purposes. 

At the same time, RJD has also given clarification. RJD has said that the outline for the Lok Sabha elections has been decided by the Indian alliance, but in the assembly elections, all the parties of the alliance are fielding their candidates. He said that wherever possible, opposition parties are helping each other. It has also been claimed by RJD that it the opposition alliance India will wipe out BJP in the Lok Sabha elections. Right now, the possibility cannot be ruled out that JDU may field more candidates in the coming days. In such a situation, it will be very interesting to see whether JDU will field its candidates in other electoral states after MP.

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