25 Oct 2023

Gujarat: Sudden heart attack death cases continue even beyond Navratri, 7 more succumb

Sudden heart attack death cases continue in Gujarat. Seven more people have tragically lost their lives to heart attacks, as the alarming trend of such incidents continues in the state. Earlier, over 10 people including 10 and 13 year olds had died due to cardiac arrest while playing Garba.

The occurrence of heart attack-related deaths has persisted, even beyond the Navratri festival, impacting people of different age groups. In just 12 hours, Rajkot in Saurashtra witnessed three such fatalities, including a young 24-year-old named Ranjit Yadav and a 40-year-old named Ashish Akbari. Additionally, 43-year-old Deepak Vekariya was rushed to the hospital due to chest pain but succumbed to his heart attack during treatment.

Tragically, a young man named Mukesh Gameet lost his life to a sudden heart attack while participating in Garba festivities in the Mandvi area of Surat. Mukesh experienced severe chest pain, leading his family to seek immediate medical attention. Unfortunately, the attending doctor pronounced him dead during treatment, causing great distress within his family.

Tragic incidents have cast a shadow on the joyous Navratri celebrations in Gujarat, as another youngster lost his life while participating in the Garba dance. A 26-year-old man, Rohit Rathod, experienced a sudden heart attack during a Garba session in Surat.

Similarly, a 22-year-old named Kishan Manubhai Makwana from Jetpur also fell victim to a heart attack. He was at his residence when he suddenly felt chest pain, prompting his family to rush him to the hospital. Tragically, Kishan passed away before he could receive medical assistance.

36-year-old Vishal Solanki, a member of the social media department of Ahmedabad's city Congress, succumbed to a heart attack. Meanwhile, in Mehsana, a 65-year-old man named Dashrath Patel from Kharod village also lost his life due to a heart attack.

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