5 Oct 2023

Madhya Pradesh: Shivraj Is Not Going To Become CM, Says Priyanka In Dhar, Asks Why ED Raids Never Conducted In MP Despite So Many Scams

Dhar: Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra took on the Shivraj Chouhan government in an election rally in poll-bound Madhya Pradesh's Dhar district on Thursday.

Priyanka targeted the Shivraj government alleging that corruption was deep seated in the state. She alleged that no investigation has been conducted in Madhya Pradesh though several scams took place in the state. During this she also referred to Vyapam Scam. She asked why no ED raids are being conducted in MP.

Priyanka said in just 18 months of its rule in MP the Congress government waived off the loans of farmers. Loans of 27 lakh farmers were waived off. We gave 100 units of electricity for Rs 100 to one crore families. OBC reservation increased from 14 to 27 percent. We gave 10 percent reservation to economically weaker general category.


Chhattisgarh has lowest unemployment rate 

Priyanka said today Chhattisgarh has the lowest unemployment rate and the highest price of paddy is given there. Bus journeys in Karnataka are free for sisters. Disaster struck Himachal, the biggest relief package is being given by the Congress government in Himachal. For us you are paramount. There is no one greater than you. 

Priyanka said Congress has brought some guarantees. You yourself see whether these guarantees are being implemented in Congress ruled states or not, then find out from your experience whether these guarantees are being fulfilled or not and whether they they will be implemented in MP.

Priyanka said standing here, I just want to say what is true. I want to tell you that this country is yours, this state is yours, this future is yours and the responsibility is also yours. Congress party is also yours, we all are also yours. This is a big responsibility, do not take it lightly. The Constitution has given you great power. Now I have seen a lot, heard speeches on TV. Have seen the advertisement in the newspaper. But nothing is being done on the ground. Make it clear to every leader that unless you implement it on the ground, you will not get your vote.

Leaders play with people's emotions at the time of elections. There is talk of religion, there is talk of caste, but this is a way of misleading people. Keep your eye on the eye of the fish like Arjuna. The target is your future. I assure you that if you vote with full discretion, then every vote will go to Congress. There is only one party that can keep this country united and that is Congress Party. The only party that can give development to this country is Congress Party.


When elections come, announcements start: Priyanka 

When elections come, announcements start. Modi ji is coming every two days and inaugurating. He didn't remember the state for so many years. Didn't he get time earlier? Wake up and teach them. They are making life difficult for the farmers by forcing them to beg. 

Posts of teachers, doctors vacant

About 70 thousand posts of teachers, 90 percent of doctors posts are vacant. More than 90 percent posts of surgeons are vacant, more than 90 percent posts of physicians are vacant, 90 percent posts of pediatricians are vacant.

Employment was generated through farming. Where are they providing employment? They are not giving opportunity to earn, inflation has increased and it has become difficult to live. You are struggling to send children to school, for fees, for recruitment exams. I want to tell all of you that no new university, no new hospital has been built in the last 18 years.

Modi shy of taking Shivraj's name

These days Modi is feeling shy of taking Shivraj's name. They say vote for me, Shivraj is not going to become your CM. Modi took the name of Congress 50 times in 50 minutes in his speech. I give them a little advice that instead of taking the name of Congress, take the name of development. Tell me how much development work has been done in Indore. How much free electricity was given? 

Women reservation bill is a joke

Priyanka said women reservation bill will not be implemented before 10 years, then what does it mean, women are thinking it is a joke. It is our right to get reservation; no one is doing us a favor. It is written in the Constitution that there should be equal rights for everything. 

Priyanka asked why is caste census is not being conducted? Caste census was conducted in Bihar and it was found that OBC, Dalit and tribal constitute 84 percent of the population. Are there 84 percent people in big positions? Why do they become silent when this issue arises?

Political games are being played with you, Priyanka tells female voters

My grandmother used to say that it is very important for tribal traditions to remain strong. It is very important to have water, forest and land. Every leader has understood that if he does not get women's votes, he cannot come to power. My sisters, who will come to power and who will not come to power is in your hands. Don't let yourself be tempted. Understand that political games are being played with you. 

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