15 Oct 2023

Most easily prepared fasting options during Navratri

Fasting period needs some help for the person who fasts too. And keeping this in mind we are bringing you some of the most easily prepared fasting options that you can make this Navratri season.

1.    Sabudana chilla: Sabudana chilla can be easily made at home. For this first soak the sabudana for about 6-8 hours overnight. Boil it a little, mix in some mashed potatoes, green chillies, rock salt as per taste and prepare a flowy batter. Prepare delicious sabudana chillas and have it with green chutney.

2.  Sabudana vada:  For making sabudana vadas you will have to soak the sabudanas overnight and then the next day mix the sabudanas with some boiled potatoes. Add in green chillies, rock salt to taste, coriander, fried peanuts and prepare a soft dough of the mix. Make small balls of the dough and fry them in a pan. Enjoy these delectable sabudana vadas with some chaat.

3.   Sabudana khichdi: Sabudana khichdi is one of the most common food items that is prepared during the navratri fast in India. It is easy to make and takes very less time to prepare.

4.    Sabudana kheer: Sabudana kheer is made with the help of sabudanas that are soaked for 3-4 hours and then boiled along with milk. We can add sugar as per taste and dry fruits of our choice into the kheer.

5.   Singhade ke atta ka halwa: Singhade ke atta ka halwa can be prepared with the help of Singhada atta, ghee and sugar. You can also add your choice of dry fruits if you wish. Trust me it is delicious as well as healthy too.

6.   Singhada atta pakoras: The Singhada atta can also be used to make the pakoras. You can prepare the batter by adding in green chillies, fried peanuts, boiled potato cubes, water and salt to taste. It tastes yum when served hot with curd.

7.    Lauki ka halwa: You can prepare Lauki ka halwa in the navratri fasting period. It will give you the necessary vitamins and also help you in staying satiated for some time.

8.   Gajar ka halwa: Gajar ka halwa can be prepared which is a good option when fasting. It will give delight to your taste buds while giving you fullness too.

9.    Potato halwa: Potato halwa can be made by first boiling potatoes in a pressure cooker. Peel them off after taking them out of the pressure cooker and mash the potatoes. Now in a pan take 4 tablespoon ghee. Put in the mashed potatoes, keep stirring and frying until the potatoes are golden in colour. Add in sugar as per your taste. Dry fruits can be added too.

(Contributed By Amrita Trivedi)

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