28 Oct 2023

MP Election 2023: Priyanka Says Migration From Bundelkhand Continues; Said This About Congress’s Guarantees

MP Election 2023: Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi visited Bundelkhand, Madhya Pradesh on Saturday. Priyanka said that the Congress Party is fighting to save the Constitution and eradicate corruption, but unless the public becomes aware and votes for the right party, till then nothing will happen.

Priyanka had come to address the election rally in Damoh district of Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh. During this, State Congress President Kamal Nath and other senior leaders of the party were also present.

'Employment opportunities are not available'

Priyanka said Bundelkhand is struggling with the problem of migration. This problem is years old, because even after so many years of BJP government, even small employment opportunities are not available in Bundelkhand. People are forced to migrate from here for employment. Unless we stop this migration and provide employment opportunities to the people, development of Bundelkhand is not possible. Priyanka Gandhi said that if we do not fulfill the guarantees given by Congress, then do not vote for Congress again.

Priyanka Gandhi said that the heroes of Bundelkhand have made sacrifices since the war of 1857 till now. Without getting into the argument of who is corrupt and who is not, I want to talk about your future. Migration from Bundelkhand continues. People want that whatever government comes, it should reduce the troubles of their lives.

'Unemployment at its highest in last 45 years'

But the government is not fulfilling even the basic needs. The migration from Bundelkhand will stop only when the people get employment at the local level. But people are not getting employment. Have you ever thought that unemployment is currently at its highest in the last 45 years? In just 3 years state has been able to provide government jobs to 21 people.

BJP people deliberately bring up Ram Mandir and other religious issues, so that you cannot question them on basic needs. BJP tries to create religious narratives in the name of Hindutva, so that the voters can be confused. The government does not want people to ask questions related to roads, electricity, water, employment, said Priyanka.

Priyanka said many posts are lying vacant in government departments, but the government is not doing anything to fill these posts and provide employment to the people. 

'Big PSUs have been handed over to industrialists'

The big PSUs like GAIL and BHEL generated huge employment. Pension was also available. But today the situation is such that all the big PSUs have been handed over by the Modi government to their industrialist friends.

The small street vendors and shopkeepers were first broken by demonetization, then Corona and now GST. Small shopkeepers are about to go out of business but the big industrialists are becoming even richer.

Priyanka Gandhi took a jibe at govt's lack of budget

The Congress leader asked if the government does not have the budget to provide pension, then where is the money coming from to waive off the loans of big industrialists. There was no need for a new Parliament building but thousands of crores of rupees were spent on it. Government is getting their PR done through media. There has been a BJP government in Madhya Pradesh for so many years, has there been progress in your life, have you got employment, has inflation reduced?

The public is asking the government to fulfill their minimum needs but the government is not doing even that much.

When we talk about caste census, BJP opposes it also. What is wrong in knowing how many people of which class are there. If the government does not know then how will it be able to do justice properly. 

Ladli Bahna Yojana is a scheme to lure women: Priyanka 

Priyanka Gandhi said that Shivraj government's Ladli Bahna Yojana is a scheme to lure women. Women are aware and they know that nothing has been done for the whole 18 years and just before the elections, these people want to buy your votes by putting money in your accounts. 

Priyanka Gandhi said that check the figures of our Chhattisgarh and Karnataka governments to see whether the promises we had made there have been fulfilled or not. Only after seeing this you people should vote for Congress. Priyanka Gandhi said that if our guarantees are not fulfilled then do not vote for Congress again.

Kamal Nath raised questions on Shivraj govt

Kamal Nath said that Rahul Gandhi had made the Bundelkhand package worth Rs 8,000 crore but no one benefited from this package. BJP has ruined the entire state. It has been turned into a ruined state. Agriculture, employment, recruitment system, economy, everything has been ruined. This is not Madhya Pradesh, rather it is a corrupt state. There is corruption here at every step.

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