27 Oct 2023

MP Elections 2023: Nisha Bangre missing from Kamal Nath's programme in Betul; Congress has denied her ticket

Betul: PCC Chief Kamal Nath reached Betul district of Madhya Pradesh on Friday and addressed a public meeting for the candidates standing on 5 assembly seats here. Kamal Nath addressed the public meeting in support of Congress candidate Rahul Uike of Ghoradongri assembly constituency of Betul district. After this meeting, Rahul is going to file his nomination. 

But surprisingly Nisha Bangre was seen missing from Kamal Nath's platform. In this public meeting held in Ghodadongri assembly constituency, everyone's eyes were looking for Nisha Bangre on the stage but Nisha Bangre was nowhere to be seen. Whereas Congress had included her in the party just a day before.

Nisha Bangre was seeking ticket from Congress from Amla seat of Betul district. But Congress did not give her ticket from Amla seat. A day earlier Kamal Nath included her in the Congress during a public meeting in Chhindwara and announced about her that Nisha Bangre is not contesting the elections this time but it does not make any difference. Nisha Bangre will become an example for all women.

 Nisha urges Kamal Nath to review the decision 

After this, Nisha Bangre also agreed with this decision of Kamal Nath. However, while talking to the media, she had said that she wants to contest the elections and has urged Kamal Nath to review the decision of her candidature for the seat. Later, news of review of the candidature regarding Amla seat also came to light. But Congress has not yet taken any decision on Nisha Bangre, after which Bangre was seen missing from Kamal Nath's public meeting in Betul.

While addressing the public meeting,Kamal Nath said that Betul is the neighboring district of our Chhindwara. Seeing my old friends in Betul reminded me of my youthful days. The crowd of youth here were children and when I used to campaign in Betul these children were not even born. Kamal Nath accused the BJP government of committing maximum atrocities on the tribal community and described Shivraj rule as a corrupt rule. 

Kamal Nath attacked CM Shivraj. He said that this BJP and Shivraj government have done injustice to the people of the state. There are elections next month in November. This election will decide the future of Betul. Today, everyone from the Panchayat to the Chief Minister is corrupt.After this, Kamal Nath sought a pledge from the public to ensure victory in the elections for all his candidates.

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