28 Oct 2023

MP Elections 2023: Why BJP workers are opposing Usha Thakur in Mhow

Mhow (Indore): In Mhow, the opposition of BJP candidate Usha Thakur is gaining momentum. Even during the Dussehra Milan ceremony, party workers opposed Usha Thakur. Hundreds of BJP workers gathered in the Gaushala complex of Mhow to protest against her. They were led by BJP leaders Radheshyam Yadav, Ashok Somani, Ramkaran Bhamar and Shekhar Bundela.

Dissatisfaction is visible in Congress also regarding the ticket. Former MLA Antar Singh Darbar gave sleepless nights to the Congress camp by announcing that he would file nomination as an independent candidate. From here, Congress has given ticket to Ram Kishore Shukla, who joined Congress after leaving BJP.

Hundreds of workers gathered to oppose Usha

There is chaos in BJP also. Hundreds of workers gathered in the Gaushala premises against giving ticket to Usha Thakur again. The leaders termed Usha Thakur's tenure as completely bogus and demanded the BJP high command to immediately change the ticket and give the ticket to the local candidate. Radheshyam Yadav, Ashok Somani, Shekhar Bundela, Ramkaran Bhamar and some tribal sarpanchs addressed this meeting.

'Usha Thakur did not give time to a leader like me'

Yadav said that Usha Thakur, who did not give time to a leader like me to talk about the problems of Mhow and in the interest of the party in the last five years, how can I have time for her? Other leaders also expressed their anger. Throughout the tenure of Usha Thakur, discrimination, harassment etc. was done to the workers and the general public was ignored.

This is the first time that the trumpet of protest has been sounded loudly against the BJP in Mhow. The leaders also gave an ultimatum to change the tickets before October 30. Many BJP leaders, workers, Muslim workers and women workers gathered in the program.

BJP workers in Mhow had put up posters against Usha

Even before the candidature was decided, BJP workers in Mhow had put up posters against Usha Thakur and demanded a local candidate. In Mhow, BJP workers started opposing the ticket of Minister Usha Thakur by putting up posters and hoardings. Hoardings of ‘This time local candidate’ were put up in Mhow city. Instead of the name of any person or leader, 'BJP Parivar Mhow Assembly' was written below the hoarding.

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