17 Oct 2023

One Nation One Student ID Card: Students Will Now Possess A Unique ID Card; Know More About This Plan of Modi Govt

One Nation One Student ID Card: The Ministry of Education is introducing a novel initiative known as the Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry, or APAAR, to issue unique ID cards to students across the country. In line with this endeavor, the Central Government has furnished essential directives to all state and union territory governments. This student ID card initiative is an integral component of the country's new education policy.

Will be similar to Aadhaar card

This forthcoming student ID card will bear remarkable resemblance to the Aadhaar card, featuring a unique code assigned to each student. The cooperation and consent of students' parents will be a mandatory requirement for obtaining this card.

It's worth noting that, in line with the new education policy, the Union Education Ministry is diligently working on implementing a specialized "One Nation One Student ID" card for students spanning from pre-primary to higher education levels.

The nationwide student ID card, created as part of the Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry, will be truly exceptional. The Education Ministry has also issued guidelines to all states and union territories regarding the creation of this card.

Will consolidate all academic information of students in one accessible location

Termed as the Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry, this unique card will provide each student with a distinct 12-digit code, perpetually serving as their student identification number. This code will comprehensively track all of their educational activities, consolidating all their academic information in one accessible location.

AICTE Chief TG Sitharaman has provided significant insights on this initiative, highlighting the introduction of a new QR code, associated with both APAAR and the National Credit Framework, which will establish a distinct identity for every student in the country. 

The State School Department has informed that educational institutions will conduct informative sessions for parents and teachers between October 16th and 18th, elucidating the APAAR ID's advantages. Subsequently, further steps in this regard will be taken.

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