28 Oct 2023

Over 100 Indian students to be deported from Canada; how Canada will check entry of fake international students

Canada has decided to deport over 100 Indian students who reached Canada on fake admission letters. 103 Indian students, including those from Punjab, will be sent back because Canada has refused to allow fake international students' entry into its country. 

However, the case of 700 students sent by the visa consultant of Jalandhar is different, for which separate investigation is going on. A study visa consultant in Jalandhar had sent more than 700 students to Canada on the basis of fake admission letters.

Along with this, the rules are being tightened to prevent fake international students from entering Canada.

Admission letter will be verified  

Under the new visa rules announced late Friday night, before issuing a study permit for admission to any college or university in Canada, the admission letter will be verified by that college or university. Study visa will be issued to the students only after verification from there.

Releasing the new study visa rules, Canadian Immigration Minister Mark Miller said that fake admission letters are the biggest concern for us. We will also help the students in such cases. I have met many international students in the last several weeks and they are facing many types of problems. He said that genuine students will not be allowed to face any problems while fake ones will not get admission in Canada.

Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has created a special IRCC task force to detect fake admission cases. Students in Punjab often face this kind of fraud due to fake agents.

More than 40 percent of the total international students coming to Canada are Indian students. In the past years, many different types of fraud with students have come to light. 

It is difficult to meet Canada's labor shortage without students. Canada is still finding it difficult to meet the demand for skilled labor. For this, more new programs will have to be started in the coming time so that the demand of all types of industries from construction to oil sector can be met.


Shortcomings in study visa process will be removed

Canadian Immigration Minister Miller said that Canada will receive about 20 billion dollars from international students. This has become a successful business model and we do not want to spoil it. But we cannot take long term pain for short term gain. Therefore, the shortcomings in the study visa process will be removed as soon as possible. 

On this occasion, Liberal MP of Punjabi origin Sania Siddh also said that it is important to protect the interests of students coming from all over the world. In such a situation, the new rules will help them.

Miller has also talked about starting the accreditation of colleges and institutes for the convenience of international students in Canada. He said that however this is a subject of the respective states. But by cooperating with them, we will also start the process of accreditation of public and private learning institutes. This will also help in curbing fake institutes in Canada. The scope of IRCC Task Force will be widened to solve the problems of international students.

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