26 Oct 2023

Palestine-Israel War: Israeli Army attacks 250 locations in Gaza, enters northern Gaza with tanks, ground offensive soon, says Netanyahu

Today is the 20th day of the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. The Israeli army has attacked about 250 places in Gaza. During this, they targeted Hamas bases, command centers, tunnels and rocket launchers. The Israeli army reported that the navy attacked a missile pad in Khan Yunis. This site was located very close to the mosque and the kindergarten.

Meanwhile, for the first time, Israel's PM Benjamin Netanyahu admitted that Israel failed to stop the October 7 attack. Netanyahu said - In the future, everyone along with me will have to answer for not stopping the Hamas attack on October 7.

At the same time, the Israeli army said that they had entered northern Gaza with tanks on Wednesday night. They targeted several Hamas positions and rocket launch positions. On the other hand, Israel has agreed to accept America's advice and postpone the ground attack for some time.

On the other hand, Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei held America responsible for Israel's attack on Gaza. He said- America is behind the attacks Israel is carrying out on Hamas. America is directing the crimes taking place in Gaza. America's hands are stained with the blood of children, women and many others. America is an ally of criminals.

Biden, Netanyahu agree to rescue hostages first

At the same time, US President Biden spoke to PM Netanyahu on phone on Wednesday night. It was agreed between the two leaders to rescue the hostages first. Both also discussed the safe evacuation of foreign nationals from Gaza. The White House said Biden asked Netanyahu to find a way for lasting peace amid the war.

Ground offensive would soon take place in Gaza: Netanyahu

Netanyahu issued a statement on Wednesday amid the fighting. He said- This is a fight for our existence and it is very important for us to win it. He promised that a ground offensive would soon take place in Gaza to eliminate Hamas and free the hostages. October 7 was a dark day in our history.

Netanyahu said that as Prime Minister, it is my responsibility to lead the country to victory in this war. We all have to come together and work for one goal.

According to media reports, 1600 people are reported missing in Gaza. These include 900 children. Some people and children are feared buried under the debris of buildings destroyed in the Israeli bombing. There are 149 families in which more than 10 members of their families have been killed.

12 out of 35 hospitals in Gaza are closed: WHO

WHO said on Wednesday that currently 12 out of 35 hospitals in Gaza are closed due to lack of facilities and especially fuel. At the same time, more patients are admitted in 7 big hospitals than their capacity, due to which the load there is increasing. Meanwhile, European Union leaders will meet in Brussels on Thursday. During this time they will discuss the possibility of stopping the war for some time for humanitarian aid.

6 lakh refugees in 150 refugee camps

A total of 150 refugee camps are being run by the UN in Gaza and surrounding areas. There are more than 6 lakh refugees among them. The surprising thing is that hardly any relief material is reaching Gaza. The vehicles meant to distribute it do not have fuel. A UN official said – The next 24 hours are going to be very important.

According to the statement of the Health Ministry of Hamas-occupied Gaza, 6,546 people have died so far in Gaza.

Of these, 2,704 are children and 1,584 are women. 756 people died between Tuesday and Wednesday.

Health Ministry said- 7 thousand people are seriously injured in Gaza. If we do not get help from the world in time, it will be very difficult to save the lives of these people. The world is not fulfilling its responsibility.

Reporter loses family

Al Jazeera's reporter lost his family in Israel's bombing of Gaza. Arabic language bureau chief Wael Hamdan Ibrahim Al-Dahdouh was living in the Nusret refugee camp in central Gaza. His wife, son, daughter and an infant grandson were killed in the attack.

More than 20 journalists have lost their lives in the Israel-Hamas war.

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