8 Oct 2023

Palestine-Israel War Update: Death Toll Continues To Mount; Israel Begins Air Strikes On Lebanon After Mortar Attack

The conflict between Israeli forces and the Palestinian group Hamas escalated significantly on Sunday, resulting in a high number of casualties on both sides. This escalation followed an attack on Israel, prompting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to caution that they were entering a protracted and challenging conflict.

The most intense escalation of the conflict in decades witnessed Hamas launching a massive rocket attack and launching ground, air, and naval offensives. According to the Israeli army, this onslaught resulted in the deaths of over 300 Israelis and left 1,000 others injured. 


Palestinian casualty toll mount to over 400

On the other side, Gaza officials reported that the relentless Israeli airstrikes in the coastal enclave had pushed the Palestinian casualty toll to a minimum of 400 fatalities and nearly 1,700 wounded.

Israel has said that 26 of its soldiers were killed in the war on Sunday. On the other hand, on Sunday morning, Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah also carried out a mortar attack on Israel. In response, Israel has started air strikes on Lebanon.

Hamas attacked Israel with 5 thousand rockets on October 7. On the second day of the war, the commander of the Israeli Defense Force Nahal Brigade deployed on the Gaza border and 300 of his people have died. 256 Palestinians have also been killed. 1,864 people are injured in Israel and more than 1,700 in Palestine.

Hamas has taken about 200 Israeli people hostage

Israeli Defense Force spokesperson Jonathan Conricus released a video alleging that Hamas has taken about 200 Israeli people, including women and children, hostage. They have been taken towards Gaza. Jonathan expressed fear that this figure may also increase. He said- Hamas may have killed many women and children. We do not have any concrete information about this. Efforts are being made to save them.

In fact, many videos are going viral on social media in which Hamas fighters are seen forcibly taking Israeli citizens into vehicles. However, local media reports said that some hostages have been rescued.

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